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This unit addresses critical education policy issues and the politics of education, which shape and direct educational leadership. Educational leadership will be discussed in terms of the economy, school choice, testing, teacher professionalism, fairness, sexual politics, educational reform, and global relations, as well as the major approaches and issues in the study of education policymaking, implementation, and evaluation, as well as their effects for education management and academic politics.Our exclusive group of expert tutors are here to provide you with the EDMED7036 assessment answers you need to get your assignment marked and assessment results in. We understand that most students are very busy with schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and jobs, so we've made sure to make our service convenient to fit into any schedule. Understanding the difficulties and dynamics of educational leadership in various circumstances is the focus of this course (from Early Childhood to Higher Education). We provide the EDMED7036 assignment help to students so that you do not face any issue while drafting your assignment.

EDMED7036 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the EDMED7036 unit ?

This unit provides students with a strong grounding in key issues, theories and principles related to leadership, policy, politics and management within organizational contexts. It is an elective unit of study for people interested in pursuing careers as business leaders or managers, politicians; policymakers; public servants; or community leaders. This unit equips students with analytical skills that they can apply throughout their lives. Listed below are some of the learning outcomes that every students need to learns before completing the unit :

  • Demonstrate a thorough awareness of the complexities of educational leadership and the importance of problems such as economics, bureaucracy, gender dynamics, and international connections.
  • Analyze and explain the key approaches and challenges in policy formation, implementation, and assessment and the ramifications for educational leadership.
  • Develop a grasp of leadership's political and organizational dynamics and the larger political context in which educational leadership exists.
  • Connect educational leadership concerns to current educational policy and practices and social, political, and economic trends in the larger social and political educational environment.
  • Examine education policy and governance from various perspectives, as well as complicated policies and policy execution.
  • Examine personal leadership in the context of educational policy and the many educational environments in which professional practice takes place.
  • Commit to and practice collegiality and team building in professional settings.
  • Determine the ethical limitations of leadership.
  • Apply and advocate for leadership styles congruent with social justice and democracy principles.
  • Embrace the virtues of collegiality and teamwork.
  • Recognize and accept the ethical limits of leadership. Advocate for leadership styles that are consistent with social justice and democracy principles.

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EDMED7036 assessment answers

List of Colleges and Universities that provides Graduate diploma in Education Studies:

To make students feel they can choose the courses they want, we will help those who need it to follow their pursuits across their entire academic careers. The following colleges and universities offer graduate diplomas in education Studies:

  • Charles Darwin University
  • Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Kingston
  • Cairns
  • Australian career business school
  • Giffith university
  • Victoria university
EDMED7036 Assessment Answers

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The terms leadership and policy imply the intention to influence the behaviour of others directly. Leadership usually refers to a person, whereas policy usually refers to a universal set of actions and behaviours across a group or organization.

A leadership context refers to a situational element that defines how you would go about your leadership role in particular situations. It’s based on various situational factors that influence a leader’s judgment and decision-making.

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