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FNCE5017 Assessment Answers

The FNCE5017 is the unit code for Executive Financial Decision Making, a popular course at Curtin University, Australia. This professional course aims to instil in students the knowledge and valuable skills to make strong financial decisions in an organizational setting. It teaches the students the importance of planning, investing, and managing the accounts and finances for an organization, ultimately leading it towards financial growth and success.

fnce5017 assessment answers

Many students are studying this course at the university level to become competent professionals in the finance and accounting domain. However, like most other MBA programs, it is a comprehensive and mathematical unit, which requires students to devote significant time and effort in the understanding of the subject. For this reason, students often look for assignment help for FNCE5017 assessment answers.

This domain of Executive Financial Decision Making emphasizes helping budding entrepreneurs and venture capitalists thrive in an organization with ease and efficiency, realizing and managing their capital, value, and investments in the best possible way to grow their businesses by keeping track of their reporting and analysis of all financial transactions in a business.

fnce5017 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of the FNCE5017 Executive Financial Decision Making Course?

This comprehensive course instils in students some key learnings apart from the theoretical knowledge base that the subject is entitled to provide. Our FNCE5017 academic assistance service experts mention some of these learning outcomes below. Check them out:

  • Learn the various financial management techniques and methods about the operations of the organization and critically assess the context in which these financial activities take place.
  • Critically examine and evaluate the financial management and performance of an organization by assessing a variety of data sources.
  • Effectively apply various financial management methods designed to help managers in planning and executing efficient financial decisions in an organization.
  • Also, simultaneously assess and evaluate the economic, social, and governance performance of corporations and organizations and how do they plan on contributing to the sustainable development of the nation, as per the United Nation’s chalked out goals for the same.
  • Create and communicate effectively about the many finance and accounting-related decisions to improve the performance and sustainability of corporate organizations.

fnce5017 assessment answers

Important Topics Shared by FNCE5017 Executive Financial Decision Making Assignment Help Experts

There are multiple important topics covered in this course. However, below are some of the fundamental ones suggested by our expert team of FNCE5017 academic assistance providers; check them out:

  1. Financing: This covers how entrepreneurs are financed at the inception stage and during the ongoing stages as well. It also involves planning on how the funds shall be raised and from whom. The importance of the role of financial contractors in resolving any uncertainties that arise about information and incentives in the premise of the business is also discussed.
  2. Employment:  This topic revolves around the process of procuring human resources for the smooth workflow of the business. It also focuses on the employment terms, attractive benefits and perks to retain the employees, etc.
  3. Business Venture Evaluation: This involves the study and use of various tools to evaluate the early stages of a business venture. Doing this also helps in predicting the future and success rate of the venture.

Other Diploma/ Certificate Courses in Business and Finance Accounting

Some other courses offered in Australia under the same domain of business finance and accounting are enlisted below by our FNCE5017 assignment help online experts; check them out:

  • ECON5014 Economics for Managers
  • MGMT5022 Organizational Behaviours for Managers
  • MGMT6049 Strategic Operations Management
  • MGMT6074 Organizational Strategy
  • MKTG5003 Synergizing Marketing
  • MGMT5023 Managerial Effectiveness
  • MGMT5024 Organizational Change and Transformation
  • MGMT6036 Fundamentals of Leadership
  • MGMT6039 Human Resources Strategies

Universities that Offer Diploma/Certificate Courses in Finance

The experts of our FNCE5017 essay writing help suggest some universities that offer diploma and certificate courses in Finance and Accounting; have a look:

  • Deakin University - Graduate Diploma in International Finance
  • RMIT University - Graduate Certificate in Finance
  • The University of South Australia - Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning
  • Western Sydney University - Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance
  • The University of Adelaide - Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance
  • Curtin University - Graduate Certificate in Finance and Investment Analytics
  • Macquarie University - Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance

If you need more information and brainstorming to decide which university and course would be the best for you as per your interests and future career plans, connect with our Assignment Help Experts now!

Some Tips From FNCE5017 Academic Assistants

The main aim of a well-structured assignment is to serve as a theoretical tool to present factual and interpretative information from the unengaged dimensions of the subject. It is imperative to follow steps that help you craft an effective finance and accounting assignment. Some tips suggested by FNCE5017 assignment help providers are as follows.

  • Your assignment on finance and accounting must eloquently lay out the financial strategies planned by a business organization to carry out its work.
  • The core concept of financial management and the typical measures taken to effectively execute the processes of the workflow must also be discussed in the ambit of the given topic.
  • The assignment must be crafted with authentic facts and information supported by proper and reliable citations.
  • All the information must be represented in a well-ordered sequence and must be coherent enough to convey the true purpose of the research study.
  • The conclusive part of your assignment must be standalone to summarize the key takeaways of the deeply researched case study or topic.

What are the Career Options after Pursuing a Course in Finance and Accounting?

This field offers a wide range of job opportunities and is the best if you are inclined to manage financial resources under you in the most effective manner. Our FNCE5017 assignment help providers suggest some options that you could look out for after the successful completion of your course. Check them out here:

  • Controller
  • Financial Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Budget Analyst

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Financing Decision, Investment Decision, Dividend Decision, and Working Capital Decisions are the four main types of financial decisions in an executive setting.

Anticipation, Acquisition, and Allocation i.e. predicting future needs are the three A’s of financial decision making and planning.

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