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The Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health is a crucial diploma course which teaches students with mental illnesses and depression caused in the perinatal period. The students also get the opportunity to learn about the impact of the illnesses on the childs mental health development. The students who pursue the perinatal and infant mental health courses find them difficult to comprehend. The students require reliable assignment help covering all the topics and providing well-crafted answers. Sample Assignment provides the students with well-crafted elegant assignment solutions which help them submit their assignments within the given deadlines and score good grades. We have professional subject matter experts who work hard to provide the students with well crafted assignment solutions.

Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

What are the learning outcomes of pursuing Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health?

The students who wish to study mental health and depression problems should pursue a diploma of infant mental health to develop a better understanding of the topic. Here are some of the learning outcomes of studying for the graduate diploma:

  • Studying the mental health problems of a child in the perinatal and infant period
  • Analysing the effects of the mental health disorders on the emotional wellbeing of the child
  • Learning about the factors which affect the cognitive development of the child
  • Understanding the reactions of the infants and their connection with the mental health problems
  • To understand the daily activities of the infants
  • Learning about the care required by mothers during the perinatal period

The specific diploma teaches the students the topics related to mental health issues. The students look for assignment help which aids them in understanding the topic better and scoring good grades. Sample Assignment provides the students with instant assignment help, consisting of well-drafted elegant solutions.

Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

List of all the perinatal and infant mental health courses

The perinatal and infant mental health diploma teaches the students about the effect of perinatal mental health illnesses on a child's neonatal development. Here is the list of all the topics/courses included in the diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health:

Course code

Course Name


Mental Health, Mental III Health and Suicide


Strength based assessment and Care planning


Professional and ethical mental health care


Attachment development and promoting mental health across the lifespan


Sustaining your mental health


Core therapeutic skills


Early development


Developmental screening and assessment


Diversity and Mental health


Parents and caregivers


Trauma informed care and practice


Mental health care in the perinatal period

Here are some of the courses which provide the students with extensive knowledge of mental health and related problems. The Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health teach the students the knowledge of therapy and sustainable mental health. The assignment help given by sample assignment contains all the topics in detail.

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Graduate Diploma of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perinatal health care refers to the care of children and women during their birth. The diploma teaches the effects of mental illnesses in neonatal care.

Children with mental illnesses or problems can face several issues in their life. They might develop communication problems and would not be able to talk with other children or make friends. Mental health problems can hamper the emotional and cognitive wellbeing of children. Thus, providing children suffering from mental disorders with therapy at the right time is extremely important.

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