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HLTENN011 Assessment Answers

HLTENN011 is the module related to the nursing profession. This module (HLTENN011) explains ways to assist persons who have emergency medical situations using patient care skills and treatments to address the individual's medical needs and assist patients in restoring proper functioning and livelihood. This unit covers enrolled nursing jobs performed in cooperation and engagement with nurse practitioners, and under supervision that complies with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Australia's legal criteria. In the duration of this course, many learners face problems in the HLTENN011 Assessment Answer and at that point, our experts provide the best assignment solution on HLTENN011 available.

hltenn011 assessment answer

Learning outcome of Nursing Course

During the course, students learn various things. Some of the learning outcomes that students will learn are written below.

  • Commitment toward practice and ethical behavior is desirable.
  • Ability to establish excellent interpersonal interactions through successfully interacting with patients, relatives, and staff members.
  • Ability to analyze and control and supervise' conditions.
  • Understanding of the conceptual framework, the health-illness spectrum, and the wellbeing means of delivery.
  • Understanding of the nursing duties.
  • Understanding of nursing concepts, principles, and methods.
  • The ability to utilize theoretical concepts in nursing care.
  • Documentation expertise.
  • Ability to address customers' fundamental psychological requirements. Understanding of infection prevention and control ideas and practices.
  • Ability to do beginner nursing practice activities.
  • Ability to care for individuals with altered bodily processes.
  • Ability to apply nursing practice stages to the treatment of patients in hospitals and even in society.
  • Self-assurance and ability to take care of critically sick patients

The following listed are the learning outcomes of learning nursing course in some of the Australian universities. While learning students of this course need HLTENN011 Implement and Monitor Care for a Person with Acute Health Problems assignment help to get more knowledge and skills needed to perform the outcomes listed above.

hltenn011 assessment answer

Career option after completing the nursing course

Nursing is a much respected career option in Australia. Nursing as a profession is immensely popular and consistently shown to be financially and emotionally profitable. It also gives students the ability to make a significant impact on people’shealth and well-being. Our experienced experts also give quality replies on HLTENN011 academic assistance to the learners. Following are some of the professions students can select after finishing the nursing course.

  • Nurse investigator/researcher

A nurse investigator is a person who studies and applies many elements of healthcare and nursing to enhance services and results. In this job, they test the medicine and try to find new medicines that are more effective as compared to the present

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

It is a role for newcomers. They serve as the patients' first primary contact. Every nurse mostly starts from this level.

  • Nurse Practitioner in Geriatrics

These nursing professionals take care of patients who are old and infirmed. They are in charge of mental wellbeing surveillance, preventive services, and medications.

  • Nurses who work with Newborns

These nurses are experts in the healthcare of infants. Nurses serve in nurseries, in which newborns are cared for until they are ready to be released. They are in charge of giving oxygen and medicines to infant newborns.

  • Nurse Professional in Orthopaedics

These nurses serve individuals who have mobility issues as a result of an accident or a condition. They help these clients with operation, physiotherapy, and recovery.

  • Anesthetist Licensed Nurse Practitioner

These nurses assist dentists or surgeons in the preparation of patients as well as blending and delivering anesthetics.

If you really want to build a career in one of the aforementioned professions and are looking for help? Our highly skilled team of specialists is waiting to hear from you!

hltenn011 assessment answer

Some of the benefits of doing the HLTENN011 Course diploma

  • Obtain a nursing certificate and be an enrolled nurse.
  • Become an experienced professional with APHRA.
  • Earn superior status forward towards a bachelor's graduate degree by meeting the standards of institutions.
  • Boost your nursing career by earning an Additional Diploma.
  • Get knowledge about medicines and other healthcare drugs.
  • Gain experience from the Practicals performed during the course.
  • Eligible to become a member of the medical team, contribute successfully to the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Gain the knowledge that how one's habits and other circumstances impact one's and a team's health.
  • Learn the treatment of numerous patients, interact in good communication in intraspecific disciplinary teams over a number of scenarios.

Other Important Units to Study to Learn Along with HLTENN011

Unit Code

Unit Name


Apply principles of wound management in the clinical environment


Implement and monitor care for a person with mental health conditions


Contribute to nursing care of a person with complex needs


Administer and monitor medicines and intravenous therapy


Apply legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice


Implement, monitor, and evaluate nursing care plans

The above mention is the list of some units students learn along with the code HLTENN011. As students have to submit projects and assignments during the diploma course to prove their consistency and commitment to the university. Many students from various colleges and institutions gain benefits from our specialists' expertise in providing the greatest HLTTEN011 assignment sample online.

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