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Are you facing difficulties in drafting your HLTENN058 assessment answers? This unit outlines the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge needed to deliver person-centred care in the perioperative nursing environment in operating rooms, post-anaesthesia care units, and day surgery centres during anaesthesia, surgery, and recovery. Enrolled nurses working in perioperative nursing have mastered the ability to apply specific in-depth knowledge, combine theory and practice, and draw accurate clinical conclusions and judgments. We at Sample Assignment are here to provide you with the best HLTENN058 Apply nursing practice in the perioperative care setting assignment help. To score good grades, the students must maintain outstanding performance throughout the HCPAR6912 unit. Since this unit focuses primarily on practical and field-based learning, writing lengthy theory assignments must become a burden for the students, and therefore they look for assignment solution on HLTENN058. Sample Assignment strives to provide HLTENN058 assessment answers to students across Australia and relieve them from the burden of Writing assignments.

HLTENN058 assessment answers

What are the Learning outcomes of studying the HLTENN058 unit?

This unit is for enrolled nurses who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and want to specialise in enrolled nurse work that is done in collaboration with registered nurses and under direct or indirect supervisory arrangements that are in line with the NMBA regulatory authority legislative requirements. Learning outcomes after successful completion of this unit are listed below.

  • Working within the enrolled scope of practice and supporting the nursing care team in managing care needs in the perioperative setting.
  • Contributing to effective teamwork and upholding positive group dynamics of the health care team.
  • Communicating professionally with the members of the perioperative team.
  • Applying philosophical frameworks for managing perioperative care in their practice of nursing.
  • Applying conventional perioperative clinical assessment tools and documenting physiological and psychological variables in assessment and report.
  • Working in accordance with perioperative standards, regulations, guidelines and policies.
  • Analysing and solving problems to prioritise and adapt nursing interventions to reflect changes in the condition of the patient.
  • Performing nursing interventions and assisting the surgical team at the time of performing surgical procedures.
  • Identifying actual and potential manual handling and environmental hazards and taking action to reduce risks and promote safety.
  • Checking equipment relevant to practice requirements for proper operation and functionality to serve its purpose, taking corrective action, and reporting faulty equipment.
  • Applying principles of infection control in the perioperative environment in line with relevant standards and organisational policies and procedures.
  • Identifying situations in which a person's understanding exceeds their own knowledge, skill and evaluated competency and referring them to a multidisciplinary health care team.
  • Seeking opportunities and participating in professional development to guide own practice and acting as a resource for colleagues.
HLTENN058 assessment answers

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HLTENN058 assessment answers

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The perioperative phases refer to the three distinct phases of any surgical surgery, which comprise the perioperative phase, intraoperative phase, and postoperative phase.

The perioperative period, which can last anywhere from the initial perioperative assessment of the patient's general health and comorbidities to 30 days after surgery, is critical for patient evaluation and has a substantial impact on surgical results.

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