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Are you having trouble writing your HLTENN059 assessment answers?This unit is crucial in the healthcare industry, especially for enrolled nurses. This unit outlines the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge needed to provide nursing care to a person receiving hyperbaric treatment in a hospital or specialised facility equipped with a hyperbaric chamber or unit. Hyperbaric nurses have enrolled nurses who possess and implement the most practical in-depth knowledge, combine theory with practice, and perform accurate physical examinations and judgments. Students seeking HLTENN059 academic assistance can contact us for the best instant assignment help.

This unit assists enrolled students in gaining the necessary information and skills for employment. Owing to the practical nature of this course, it becomes difficult for students to devote time to writing assignments. Sample assignment is here to help you out HLTENN059 Apply nursing practice in the hyperbaric environment assignment help.

HLTENN059 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes Derived from HLTENN059 Unit

This unit provides students with a vast range of knowledge, enabling them to become

adequately trained and equipped to succeed in the health sector in the field of enrolled nursing. Let's have a look at the learning outcomes for this particular unit:

  • Determining the roles and duties of members of the multidisciplinary health care team in the hyperbaric environment.
  • Identifying potential and real risks in the hyperbaric environment, as well as adhering to workplace health and safety laws.
  • Participating in pre-hyperbaric treatment safety processes and identifying the rationale for pre-hyperbaric treatment safety checklists.
  • Identifying potential causes of the hyperbaric chamber and hyperbaric treatment emergencies and developing measures to prevent them.
  • Applying hyperbaric chamber standards and locating the main oxygen valve in situations and crises where the valve must be shut off.
  • Setting up hyperbaric chamber equipment for treatments and troubleshooting issues that arise during hyperbaric treatments.
  • Identifying real and potential hyperbaric therapy contraindications for the person receiving hyperbaric treatment as well as the interdisciplinary health care team.
  • Performing nursing assessments in accordance with organisational rules and procedures, using hyperbaric unit-specific resources and tools.
  • Identifying likely medical and psychological problems of hyperbaric treatment, as well as contraindications based on the assessment's findings.
  • Discussing the physical, psychological, and social effects of hyperbaric treatment with the patient, their relatives, and caretakers to ensure that they have enough information to make an informed decision.
  • Consulting with a multidisciplinary health care team when a person's acuity surpasses their own knowledge, skill, or assessed competence.
  • Using anxiety-management techniques during hyperbaric therapy and controlling and evaluating drainage tubes, including actions related to suction, in the hyperbaric chamber at depth and the surface.
  • Following hyperbaric oxygen therapy concepts when setting up and managing the breathing system in the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Performing wound management, recording wound response to hyperbaric therapy, and reporting to the multidisciplinary health care team on wound management.
  • Responding to hyperbaric crises and toxicities in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.
  • Analysing and solving problems in order to design and implement nursing interventions to reflect changes in the condition in consultation with a registered nurse.
  • Assessing nursing interventions and outcomes in hyperbaric nursing care against evidence-based best practices.
HLTENN059 assessment answers

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HLTENN059 Assessment Answers

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Hyperbaric conditions put the respiratory system to the test by raising the density of the gases that are inhaled and exhaled, resulting in increased airway resistance. As a result, the amount of work required to breathe increases, lowering work performance during exercise.

Ozone therapy has a more significant therapeutic impact than hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It may have an effect by reducing inflammation, oedema, and oxidative stress. These results also imply that employing ozone therapy as an adjuvant therapy can improve the outcome of ADC.

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