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The scope of this HLTENN060 unit is to describe the desired nursing outcomes, skills, and knowledge in caring for a person with diabetes including assessments, intervention implementation, and evaluation outcomes as well as educational preparation for the individual. Students looking for HLTENN060 assessment answers may find our website very helpful. Our services aim is to ensure that you get A+ grades in all your academic assignments. We are here to provide HLTENN060 Apply nursing practice in the pediatric care setting assignment help to students so that score good grades impressively. Nursing students can pursue a unit within their course if they are aligned with the Board of Nurses and Midwives and the Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authority. These skills must be applied following federal, state, and/or territorial law, Australian Standards, and industry codes of practice.

HLTENN060 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Pursuing HLTENN060 unit:

These are three things you need to think about before starting to study: how much time you'll need, what you want to get out of it, and how proficient you are in the subject. The following pointers are important to keep in mind before you start studying:

  • Perform nursing assessment of patients diagnosed with any of the types of diabetes..
  • Determine the understanding of the condition, identify appropriate self-management strategies, and make changes to prescription or OTC medications.
  • Undertake an assessment of factors affecting the person's health and changes in their condition, as well as family and carer understanding of, and participation in the management of, their diabetes.
  • Establish priorities based on need and keep activities in line with what's needed to take care of a person with diabetes.
  • Maintain the plan of care to take into account the health care needs of someone with diabetes.
  • Spotting responses to nursing interventions and comprehending ongoing management of the condition, including means for self-management.
  • Interpret blood and urine test results in regards to diabetes, report findings to the multidisciplinary health care team, and administer prescribed and emergency medicine when necessary.
  • Establish, monitor, and evaluate the nursing care plan to promote better diabetes management and make modifications if needed.
  • Evaluate the treatments that were used to identify whether or not the nurse is operating within the bounds of established evidence-based best practices in diabetes care.

Therefore, To work around your busy schedule, it may be worth your while to consider our quick-term course in Pediatric Nursing Practice. In this class, you will learn how to create beautiful art and take an Art History class all at the same time. Not only will you get credit for what you have learned, but also you will be able to branch out into an area of your choosing.

Other Prominent Units of Study along with HLTENN060

Students  can hire our assignment makers, who provide assignment solution on HLTENN060, to draft a proper solution for the problems they are facing to keep their grades as high as possible. Apart from this there are also other unit whuich have equal infortance ,some of them are as below.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Provide advanced clinical assessment


Contribute to quality improvement for the advancement of clinic


Research and report on nursing trends and practices


Administer and monitor medicines and intravenous therapy


Apply nursing practice in the rehabilitation care setting


Apply nursing practice in the orthopedic care setting


Apply nursing practices in the respiratory care setting


Contribute to the nursing care of a person with diabetes


Apply nursing in the cardiovascular care setting


Apple principle of wound management


Apply nursing practice in the rural and remote settings


Support community participation and social inclusion

HLTENN060 assessment answers

List of Colleges and Universities that provides Advanced Diploma in Nursing:

To give students the chance to pursue their interests, we also provide follow-through support to keep up their educational careers from day one.The following colleges and universities offer degrees in Advanced Nursing:

College and University name

Course Name

Southern cross university

Graduate Diploma in mental health nursing

Opens colleges school of nursing

Diploma of Nursing

Menzies Institute of technology

Diploma of nursing

Australian college of nursing

Advanced Diploma in nursing

Victoria college

Diploma of nursing

Netcare education

Diploma of nursing

Vaal university of technology

Diploma of nursing

HLTENN060 assessment answers

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A pediatric nurse can be found in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, private practices, public health agencies, schools, and universities. Their primary responsibility is to promote healthy growth and development in young patients through education and preventative measures.

The role of a pediatric nurse is to provide care for newborns and children from birth to adolescence. Pediatric nurses work in many different settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, private homes, and daycares. They may also work in research or education settings.

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