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Long queues of patients, extended work hours, overflowing emotional pressure and poor work-life balance are a few of the many challenges that reduce the job satisfaction of nurses, in general. Imperatively, these factors trigger a domino effect where the quality of healthcare service deteriorates over time. As a measure to prevent this process, the HLTWHS006 unit was introduced to the nursing studies, wherein the students are trained to pinpoint personal and vocational stressors, thereby gaining the insight to develop a preventive strategy for each. Presently, the unit is offered as an essential part of regular nursing degrees as well as a standalone certificate program. Both new and practicing nurses opt for HLTWHS006 to learn to deal with the mental strain that follows their vocation. Many healthcare service providers enroll their employees for HLTWHS006 certifications to upscale their professional qualifications. Nursing students struggle with HLTWHS006 assessment answers no matter the route since it necessitates using a hybrid approach informed by practical experiences.

HLTWHS006 assessment answers

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What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Diploma/Certificate Course from Australia?

Latest surveys indicate that Australia is coming up as the "top destination" for students who wish to enter the medical field, especially nursing. Besides the monetary relaxation, getting a vocational degree from Australia can boost your career by giving you the advantage of world-class education and on-campus placements. Here are the other benefits of studying in Australia:

  • Globally Recognised Courses: Educational accreditation from Australia can be used to get employment all around the world.
  • Balanced Course Structure: Australia’s nursing course curriculum contains a mix of theoretical and practical modules.
  • Many Career Paths: Nursing diplomas can be used to join public and private sector healthcare services like medical research, laboratories, community care, midwifery and child counselling, amongst other things.
  • Professional Satisfaction: Studying and working in Australia can allow you to access the incredible public services, high standard of living and technological resources available.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of the HLTWHS006 Nursing Unit?

To say that the nursing profession is a convenient pair of shoes to fill would be misleading. Alike other community positions, nursing also demands utmost patience wherein one may have to remain calm under heart-wrenching or critical situations. Identifying, analysing and resolving the common stressors that affect nurses thus becomes the area of concern for assignment solutions on HLTWHS006. Take a look at the free illustrative pieces on Sample Assignment to get an overview.

  • Distinguish the triggers and sources of stress in a clinical setup.
  • Analyse personal response to the identified stress triggers, noting their effects on one's output.
  • Evaluate the internal and external assets that can help to curb stress.
  • Utilise collated observations to create a personal stress management procedure that aids to reduce the impact of identified stressors.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of proposed management plans in terms of preventing triggers and reducing the intensity of stress attacks.
  • Reflect on acquired concepts to create work-life balance and learn workflow organisation skills.

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HLTWHS006 assessment answers

List of Other Essential Units of Study Paired with HLTWHS006

Out of all the positive aspects of HLTWHS006, its compatibility comes out on top. This unit can be studied in conjunction with many nursing programs. So much so that it is desirable to draw upon the concepts taught in other courses. You may refer to Sample Assignment’s HLTWHS006 assignment sample online to get a clearer idea.




Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate Nursing Care Plans


Analyse and Respond to Client Health Information


Contribute to Nursing Care of a Person with Complex Needs


Implement and Monitor Care of the Older Person


Confirm physical health status


Administer and Monitor Medicines and Intravenous Therapy


Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice


Follow Safe Work Practices for Direct Client Care

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HLTWHS006 assessment answers

List of Australian Educational Entities That Offer a Diploma/Certificate Course in Nursing

It is not enough to aspire for a degree until you're aware of the best colleges to pursue it. Australian universities follow the standard module list for HLTWHS006. Nonetheless, the type of faculty and resources are different at every college. Here are the top 5 universities where you can study nursing:

  • Griffith College, Queensland: Diploma of Healthcare
  • Australian Paramedical College: Certificate IV in Health Care
  • The Curtin University: Graduate Diploma of Clinical Practice
  • The University of Adelaide: Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science
  • Deakin University: Graduate Certificate of Health Care Management
  • Bond University: Graduate Certificate in Health Systems
  • The University of Sydney: Graduate Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing
  • Australian Institute of Leadership and Safety: Certificate II in Medical Service First Response

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