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Do you want to compose HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice assessment answers? Our experts are here to assist you!

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is the one in charge of midwife education and practice. The two constant approaches to practice licensed Midwifery are: from nursing and outside nursing (direct entry). World Health Organisation (WHO) has Millennium Development Goals to improve maternal health and reduce infant mortality, and to accomplish that, the training of all types of midwives is crucial. Thus Midwifery has become one of the required courses to pursue in the field of healthcare. Now our experts help the students complete assignment solution HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice to progress smoothly academically. Sample assignment is an authentic place to find HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice assessment answers.

hnm734 contemporary midwifery practice assignment help

What are the learning outcomes of Studying HNM734 contemporary midwifery practice?

  • Midwives are very important in women's healthcare system as they support both the mother and the child from pregnancy to delivery, making them one of the noblest professions.
  • Data analysis has shown that students studying Midwifery get a job very fast after completing their degree.
  • Midwifery includes theoretical and practical lessons so students can work with healthcare professionals early on and attain experience.
  • Midwifery courses teach you skills that can be utilized in other healthcare fields.
  • Midwives are very much in demand in almost every country because the natality growth is decent in most nations.
hnm734 contemporary midwifery practice assignment help

Foundations that offer short term courses in Midwifery:

Some several universities and colleges provide a short duration course in the field of Nursing and Midwifery, Such as:

  1. Federation University:
  • Graduate Diploma in - Midwifery, Public health
  • A graduate certificate in public health
  1. University of technology:
  • Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
  1. Charles Sturt University:
  • Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
  • Graduate certificate in – Nursing (Aged care), Indigenous cultural competency, Nursing (clinical education), health management and leadership, Case management and co-ordinated care, Nursing (leadership and management)
  1. Deakin University:
  • Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
  1. University of Notre Dame:
  • Graduate certificate in clinical nursing, contemporary nursing, nursing leadership, and management.
  • Graduate diploma in - clinical nursing, nursing, Forensic Nursing, Midwifery, perioperative nursing.

Other units that are as important as HNM734:

  • HNM709 - Partnerships in Midwifery 1: Pregnancy Care
  • HNM722 - Complex Midwifery Care
  • HNM733 - Emergency Midwifery Care
  • HNM710 - Partnerships in Midwifery 2: Labour and Birth Care
  • HNM723 - Neonatal Challenges in Midwifery Practice
  • HNM711 - Partnerships in Midwifery 3: Postnatal Care

Other units belonging to the nursing sector:

  • NURS5097 – Primary healthcare
  • NURS5055 – Intensive care nursing practice
  • NURS5014 – Advanced clinical practice 1
  • NURS5044 – Exploring nursing practice
  • NURS6013 – Research and Evaluation in health
  • NURS5073 – Preventing Adverse clinical outcomes
  • NURS5071 – Contemporary health leadership
  • NURS5100 – Interprofessional engagement with families

Both the types of units of study which have been mentioned above are important in the health sector. The only difference is that some are included only in nursing courses, some are included only in Midwifery courses, and some are included in both types of courses. The assignments of the courses vary according to the institution. This is why we, at sample assignment, have professionals who provide HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice academic assistance.

hnm734 contemporary midwifery practice assessment answers

Why are midwives important?

Midwives are very important in the health sector because they deliver all kinds of services to women's health, from prenatal care gynecological examinations to family planning services. They are the primary maternity care providers to women. They educate women on health issues and give them advice on taking care of themselves by sharing knowledge about nutrition and disease prevention. They take care of pregnant women and are also capable of carrying out the following tasks:

  • delivering babies
  • repairing lacerations
  • tackling emergencies during labor
  • offering surgical assistance to physicians during cesarean births

What are the benefits of taking HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice Assignment help?

The students pursuing courses like nursing or Midwifery have a lot of academic workloads and don’t get enough time to draft their assignments. This is why these students often look for genuine HNM734 Contemporary Midwifery Practice assignment samples online so that they can easily carry on their academic work. The experts have been providing Diploma in nursing assignment help at a reasonable cost to thousands of students.

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