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An operating system is a program that can be loaded into the computer and helps the application programs to interact with computer hardware. The communication between systems and user takes place by using the operating system. An operating system optimization tool helps to debug and optimize the OS.

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This ICTICT302 unit delineates the accomplishments essential to install, construct and improve or update the operating system software to fulfil the needs of the clients and the business. An ICTICT302 unit relates to those individuals who want to complete their work under the guidance of supervisors and utilize their skills in developing solutions by examining and analysing information. For this unit, no need for any certificate, license, or legislation during publication time.

What are the Topics that Covered in ICTICT302 Install and Optimise Operating System Software?

There are numerous types of topics covered in the course. After covering all topics, you know about the operating system. You can hire our team to clear your doubts related to the operating system. Our team provides you with the ICTICT302 assignment sample online so that you can verify and check the quality of our academic assistance services. Here is the list of topics, such as:

  • Software requirements for an organization.
  • System current functionality.
  • Multi-tasking system.
  • Operating system function.
  • Operate an operating system.
  • Configure the operating system.

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ICTICT302 Assessment Answers

Describe Various Functions of Operating System Software?

  • Process management: It supports the operating system to manage the processes by starting or deleting processes. Operating system software helps in managing the communication and synchronization between the process.
  • File management: It handles the activities like sharing storage, saving, and naming related to files.
  • Device management: It traces all the devices. It is also called an input/output controller.
  • Input/output system management: It helps manage the input/output devices like keyboard, mouse, and many more.
  • Security: It helps in protecting the data or information.
ICTICT302 assessment answers

List of Other Courses that Include this ICTICT302 Unit

After studying the below courses, you can intensify your accomplishments and understanding of information technology. Here is the list of other courses that are included in the ICTICT302 unit:

  • Certificate III in Information Technology
  • Certificate III in Broadcast Technology
  • Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

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ICTICT302 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Operating system optimization is the process of improving the code of the operating system, so that it will work more efficiently or use fewer resources. The optimized operating system can be released as patches that the user can apply to increase the efficiency of their OS on the system.

There are various operating systems available in the market, such as:

  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac operating system

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