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Due to developments in computer technology, every person has a digital footprint, and this essentialized version of a person is nothing but a collection of data shared by him/her over any electronic platform. Imperatively, the nature of such platforms can vary, e.g., company intranet, social media junctures, or public record databases. However, the one thing common across all such user-oriented software is the implemented security method, i.e., data encryption.

Australia attracts numerous foreign investments yearly in its national IT industry, where robust data encryption technologies are innovated. Researchers, resident technicians, and multiple agencies create a stimulating culture for IT growth, opening multiple avenues for professional practice. Australia's Advanced Diploma of Information Technology can be your gateway into this digitized world.

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What Topics are Covered in the ICTNWK537 Implement Secure Encryption Technologies?

The primary aim of the ICTNWK537 unit is to make the students proficient in operating encryption technologies of the latest order. Thus, the topics included in it start from the basics going all the way up to professional scale proficiency. A few essential topics of the unit are enumerated below:

  • Kinds of Encryption Technologies
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Modality of Operating Encryption Technologies
  • Encryption Software Management
  • Client Servicing

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ICTNWK537 Assessment Answers

Which are the Private Key Encryption Methods Used Today?

Private key or symmetric encryption is the technology where both the sender and receiver use the same key. It is most commonly used today with both private and corporate users.

  • Triple DES (3DES): The Digital Encryption Standard (DES) Successor. It has a 168-bit key size that makes it more complex, secure, and handleable compared to its alternatives.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES): Symmetric encryption technology used by the likes of the US Federal Government and Apple Macintosh computers. Designed on the Rijndael block cipher.
  • RSA: A popular asymmetric cryptography technology used for mobile data. It was developed in 1977. RSA operates using a public key containing two large prime numbers and an extra value to cipher the data.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC): Not much is known about the operation process of ECC. However, it is acknowledged as one of the fastest encryption algorithms. NSA is one of the few organizations to use it.

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ICTNWK537 assessment answers

List of Courses that Offer Information Technology:

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology is a penultimate qualification. It is usually opted by professionals and young technicians who wish to climb the corporate ladder. However, if you wish to develop a piece of in-depth knowledge in only one or a few chosen sectors of IT, you can opt for any of the following programs mentioned below:

  • Reach Community College: Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • Adelaide Education Group: Certificate III in Information Technology
  • University of Sydney: Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
  • University of Canberra: Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Management
  • TrainSmart Australia: Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking)

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ICTNWK537 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Encryption is the process through which data is converted into indecipherable text to secure access. The software and tools used to implement this process are encryption technologies.

Encryption can be of two types based on the number of keys used in the process. Symmetric encryption is where the same key is used to decrypt and code data. At the same time, asymmetric encryption requires two separate keys to convert data.

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