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This unit explains all of the knowledge and skills needed in advanced programming jobs to develop large-scale applications using object-oriented programming languages.

It is useful for programmers who create complex object-oriented programming in constructing large-scale applications.

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ICTPRG532 assessment answers

What are the Benefits of studying a Short-term Diploma/Certificate Course in Australia?

There are numerous benefits to completing a short-term certificate course, especially in Australia, where there is a continuing demand for new and potential skilled employees due to a labour and skills deficit. Australia has become a viable option for students due to its well-known educational and healthcare facilities. The following are some of the benefits of pursuing a short-term diploma programme:

  • The cost of a diploma course is lower. It is, nevertheless, just as useful as a degree programme and permits you to find work much faster.
  • Diplomas can be finished in a fraction of the time, giving students more time to think about what they want to do with their lives and the opportunity to enroll in another course.
  • Because of the increasing availability and popularity of online learning, many universities allow students to complete some or all of their courses online, allowing them to work or socialise while studying.
  • Diploma courses have fewer admittance standards, and you don't have to be a certain age or have ideal academic grades to enroll.

These are just some of the advantages of studying for a certificate in Australia. Compared to a degree programme, a certificate programme will help you find work faster. Certain certificates in Australia require completion of a full-time university degree programme.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of studying this ICTPRG532 Unit?

This unit comes under the Information Technology field and trains individuals with advanced object-oriented language skills. The following performance criteria are to be fulfilled to expect efficient results in the professional setting.

  1. Plan and present the application's implementation strategy following the system's standards to the user and work out a deal.
  2. Construct the control system version following the implementation strategy.
  3. Develop and document the application in compliance with the organisation's implementation strategy, system specifications, and coding conventions.
  4. Create tests to see if the application's logic and syntax meet the system's requirements.
  5. Perform and document application testing to ensure that the application meets system standards and addresses any deviations.
  6. Turn over the application to the user and have them review it against the system specs, addressing any differences.

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ICTPRG532 assessment answers

What are the qualifications that include this ICTPRG532 Unit?

This unit comes with several qualifications related to information technology other than just object-oriented language and makes the individual adapt to work effectively in an industrial scenario. Listed below are the list of the qualification that includes this unit:




Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games


Diploma of Database Design and Development


Diploma of Information Technology


Diploma of Information Technology


Diploma of Software Development


Diploma of Website Development

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ICTPRG532 assessment answers

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After getting a diploma in IT, the several job options are -

  • System Developer,
  • Database Administrator,
  • IT Consultant,
  • IT Engineer,
  • Web Designer,
  • System Analyst, etc.

Some of the best IT courses are -

  • Data Visualisation,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • DevOps,
  • Cyber Security, and
  • Blockchain

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