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This unit explains the abilities and information needed to complete advanced programming tasks in a different programming language. The language may be object-oriented. Programming languages are groups of rules designed to convert text to computer code. They are computer languages designed to give the programmer control over computer processes. This unit applies to software developers who must program code.

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ICTPRG547 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the ICTPRG547 Unit?

The required skills and knowledge to complete that unit is laid out in the course's learning outcomes. That is what the student should be able to do when they finish that unit. Before beginning to study, you should consider three things: when you're going to do it, what you want to get out of it, and how good you are at the subject. The following is the list of the learning outcomes :

  • Design and describe dynamic data structures that meet the needs of programming tasks. For coding, use dynamic data structures such as double-linked lists and binary trees.
  • Hashing methods are used to code according to programming requirements. Using programming skills, create a code sorting algorithm. For usage with complicated data structures, code sophisticated searching strategies.
  • Utilize characteristics that allow for inter-process linguistic communication via a single method. Use language features to record and respond to operating system signals. Use a third-party library to build an application using programming approaches.
  • Create a program for usage in a computer environment having a graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Use the debugging features of your integrated development environment (IDE) to debug according to the program requirements.
  • Identify and correct syntactical, logical, and design flaws. Create and document the necessary tests.
  • Limited testing of the resulting code is performed to ensure that it meets technical requirements. Keep a record of the test findings.
  • Develop and document a solution based on the findings of the debugging tests. Create and describe an algorithm and build and test an application using approaches.
  • Submit papers to the appropriate employees and solicit and respond to comments following company rules and procedures.

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ICTPRG547 assessment answers

List of Universities and Colleges that offers a Diploma in Information Technology:

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  • Engineering Institute of Technology
  • Curtin University
  • NIT Australia
  • Warwick Institute
  • Australian technical college
  • Intech Institute of technology
  • TRINITY Institute

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ICTPRG547 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

An advanced programming language is low-level, like C or assembler, or object-oriented. An example of a language not considered an advanced programming language would be something like PHP or Java.

Yes. Although most programmers write code in a language they understand, it is possible to program in a language other than English. For example, programming languages like Python are easier to read when written out in another language, such as Spanish or French. For more complex programs, translating from English into a different language can make it easier for translators to pick up on your ideas.

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