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This ICTPRG553 unit provides the accomplishment and information required to develop and execute representational state transfer (REST) APIs to get, set and manipulate data from the application to data sources and vice versa. This unit benefits those individuals who want to work as senior software developers, back-side developers and full-stack developers and also handle all the responsibilities in small- and large-scale companies related to information and communication technology. This unit may not require licensing, certification, and legislative while publication.

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ICTPRG553 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying ICTPRG553 Unit?

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  • Learn how to organise the prerequisites of REST APIs according to application and business requirements.
  • Will be able to identify and select the Integrated development environment according to chosen REST APIs framework and requirements.
  • Will be able to understand and evaluate the REST APIs framework according to the selected programming language to meet the business requirements.
  • Develop and configure the project in an integrated development environment for REST APIs.
  • Will be able to evaluate and list down all REST APIs endpoints for the application in accordance with the application functionality and goal.
  • Will learn different methods of the REST API such as PUT, GET, OPTION, POST and DELETE and their uses and applications.
  • Will be able to learn about the cache-enabling feature of the REST APIs and cross-origin concepts for maintaining the security of the data transfer through REST APIs.

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ICTPRG553 assessment answers

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ICTPRG553 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various steps required to create API, such as:

  • Find out the requirements required for API.
  • Design the API.
  • Create the API
  • Test the API.
  • Publish the API.
  • Monitor the API.

There are various features of REST API, such as:

  • It supports multiple data structures like JSON and XML.
  • REST API services are based on a client-server architecture where the client request and the server serve the request.
  • REST services are highly scalable and optimised and can use in various applications.
  • It supports cache-enabling, which in turn increases the performance of its services.

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