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This unit covers the knowledge and skills required to formulate requirements, assess the suitability of a land site, plan site acquisition, and design construction designs for telecommunications network development projects. Many students across Australia face issue while drafting their ICTTEN519 assessment answersbecause this particular unit is complex in nature. It pertains to people that combine technical design and organizational abilities to supply the numerous building projects and technologies inside a telecommunications network to fulfil future client expectations. These individuals may work for private or public organizations. In addition, we provide 100% original and plagiarism-free ICTTEN519 design network-building projects assignment help samples.

ICTTEN519 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the ICTTEN519 unit ?

The learning outcomes in Design network-building projects ensure that students acquire a broad knowledge of networking concepts, while specific outcomes will help them develop key skills. Students will also be able to design networks using industry-standard tools such as AutoCAD or the popular GNS3 emulator to design networks with complex topologies. Here are some of the learning outcomes are listed below:

  • Find out the nature, function, and kind of network facilities included in the project by asking the appropriate people for the requirements.
  • Analyze the project brief and select design choices compliant with Australian law controlling carriers. Analyze the design needs and choose the best location for the facilities.
  • Set up an environmental impact study (EIS) at the chosen location. Verify that the EIS project requirements evaluate whether the chosen location is suitable.
  • Analyze the EIS results and decide whether the chosen site is appropriate. Evaluate EIS results to identify opportunities for land acquisition and purchase following laws and regulations.
  • Make a report on the EIS. Assemble the appropriate parties to provide the groundwork for negotiations.
  • The area's physical characteristics, the effects of the environment, and the information gathered. Create a field sketch following the needs of the business and find ways to overcome any glaring physical building obstacles.
  • Create design alternatives that are workable for the business and suggest a prefered choice with arguments. Verify that the outcomes and policies of the corporate business plan are fulfilled after evaluating the choice of the prefered option.
  • Examine stakeholder availability for project execution and validate that enterprise timelines are doing work.
  • Construct a conceptual design per the needs of the business and record the necessary geographic and topological data. Include the location, details, and equipment needed for the works and the network in the design plan.
  • Indicate the resources required to finish the project. Update corporate information systems following corporate policies and standard business practice.
  • Create a thorough design report, then deliver it to the appropriate staff for approval.

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ICTTEN519 assessment answers

List of Colleges and Universities that provides a diploma in information technology:

The following colleges and universities offer degrees and diplomas in information technology:

  • Curtin College
  • NIT Australia
  • Australian technical college
  • Intech institute of technology
  • Institute of Technology Australia
  • Scared heart international college
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University

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ICTTEN519 Assessment Answers

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The most common network design used is a star topology, with each point in a network being connected to a central network node such as a hub, switch or router. Other common designs include bus and ring topologies.

Factors affecting network design are network traffic, size, bandwidth and security. Network traffic is the amount of data that flows in a specific network. Bandwidth is the capacity for transmitting information through an electronic communication channel or digital transmission system.

The term "project network diagram" refers to a graph that depicts the order in which a project's tasks are to be completed. The terminal project components are derived from the WBS and are organized progressively based on their relationships. Project network diagrams depict the order in which a project's tasks are to be completed.

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