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Networks are the backbone of a corporate system, making it easier to upscale a business from local to national and eventually international. However, before you climb this ladder, you must be well acquainted with your success tool, i.e. network traffic.

If you thought that the mechanical advancements of Australia give an indication of a manually operated growth rate, you are in for a shock. The country is also a top performer in the field of information technology, where it has produced significant innovations. ICTTEN615 unit of the Australian Advanced Diploma of Information Technology deals explicitly with the fundamental concepts of network assembling and monitoring.

To make up for the difficulty level of this unit, Sample Assignment offers ICTTEN615 assessment answers and counselling services where our faculty help you decipher the modules in this unit and make the most of the professional opportunities it brings. Preparing an extensive ICTTEN615 assignment sample online for your pre-examination days is difficult without conducting end-to-end research. So, let us come together and make your academic journey remarkable!

ICTTEN615 Assessment Answers

What Topics are Covered in the ICTTEN615 Unit?

Since the ICTTEN615 unit has a niche skill domain, the modules included in it are exhaustive. In a short span, you will learn about network traffic management from the basics from monitoring to analysis and improvisation. Sample Assignment's ICTTEN615 academic assistance services can provide you with indicative notes written by experts to make this unit comprehendible.

  • Diagnose Network Capacity
  • Traffic Measurement Tools
  • Network Optimization Methods
  • Traffic Management Strategy
  • Data Analysis

You can also avail of Sample Assignments online assignment help services to speak with an expert face-to-face regarding any doubts you bear about the topics, modules or coursework in the ICTTEN615 unit. We will be there to support you from start to success!

ICTTEN615 assessment answers

How Can You Monitor Network Traffic?

Network traffic management is a new-age practice that allows enterprises and individuals to prevent malicious attacks and data leaks. It is the core strategy for cyber security and IT maintenance. Here is how you can monitor network traffic at your end:

  • Pinpoint Correct Data Sources: You can choose from analyzing Flow data extracted from 3 devices or Packet data derived from SPAN, mirror ports or TAPs. Your choice should be informed by the kind of statistics you want to assess.
  • Identify Appropriate Network Points: It is not necessary to assess every network point. You can start by monitoring your internet gateway, and the core network elements can follow later if needed.
  • Explore Non-Realtime Data: Reading the historical traffic metadata is as essential as monitoring the real-time one. Make time to analyze historical data in-depth to identify trends, network activity rate and important events.
  • Run Diagnostics for Suspicious Payloads: Use an intrusion detection system (IDS) to eliminate the source(s) of suspicious traffic entangled in your network.

List of Information Technology Courses You Can Undertake:

Since only selective Australian institutes offer Advanced diploma courses, the number of seats available to international students is sparse. However, you can still receive professional-level competency with the other advanced Information Technology programs available in Australia, for instance:

  • Australian Technical College of Western Australia: Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering
  • Pacific College of Technology: Advanced Diploma of Network Security
  • La Trobe University: Diploma of Applied Information Technology
  • Stanley College: Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)
  • Upskilled: Diploma of Information Technology (Cloud Engineering)

Sample Assignments ICTTEN615 Manage Network Traffic assignment help service can come in handy for you to understand the admission criteria for each of the above programs and find out which can give you the best opportunities for professional growth. Do not stay stuck in the loom anymore. Join hands with us, and let us start working!

ICTTEN615 Assessment Answers

Why Should You Hire Our Experts to Compose Assignment Solution on ICTTEN615?

Sample Assignment's experts come from a group of globally acclaimed educators with decades of mentorship experience and 'A' grade qualifications to support their case. They work with students as assignment providers to help them overcome the academic challenges which follow foreign studies, including inequivalence between national international curricula, assignment submission codes and campus placement procedures. Sample Assignment can be the perfect guide if you are still forging a career path for yourself!

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There are many high-grade solutions for improving network traffic, but you can start with the basic ones. Changing the router's location, using a router with better bandwidth and accessing internet facilities using a VPN can be of much help.

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