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A famous line, "When different pixels come together then becomes an image."

This ICTWEB305 unit illustrates the accomplishments and skills essential to produce, operate and handle images for utilization of the website development. This unit provides information about modifying the images to upgrade the websites. This unit benefits those individuals who want to work in the field of information technology and become content writers and web designers. Also beneficial for those who have an interest in designing graphics and generating digital images for a website. For this unit, no need for any certificate, license, or legislation during publication time.

From this ICTWEB305 unit, students learn how to resize or edit the images according to the workplace requirements. Learn about several types of image-editing software.

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What are the Topics Covered in ICTWEB305 Produce Digital Images for the Web?

Given below are various kinds of topics that you are covered while studying the ICTWEB305 unit. Our team provides you with the ICTWEB305 assignment sample online so that you can verify and check the quality of our academic assistance services. Here is the list of topics, such as:

  • Digital image-editing software.
  • Digital image format and its applications.
  • Key features of digital systems and tools.
  • Requirements of web content for saving digital images.

So, if you want more information or become an expert in graphics and digital images, choose our team of experts. They give you both practical and theoretical knowledge in creating digital images on the website.

ICTWEB305 Assessment Answers

How to Create a Digital Image by Using Different Tools?

Various tools create a digital image, such as:

  • Canva: Users make an image easy by using its premade templates.
  • Skitch: Capture screen and comments.
  • Projector: Provide all the features like GIFs, videos, and email banners for design.
  • Snagit: The screen captures the window and helps in the recording.
  • Snappa: This tool helps in removing the background.
  • Giphy: This tool helps in making GIFs.
  • Touch retouch: This tool helps in removing the object from the image.
  • Quozio: This tool helps in making the quote.
  • Adobe spark: This tool helps blur the background.
  • Powerpoint: PowerPoint helps in creating the images.
ICTWEB305 assessment answers

List Of Universities And Colleges Offering Certificate III In Information Technology

In Australia, there are many graduate diploma courses available. Australia has been gaining an attraction among students worldwide to study. Australia has been the home of many renowned and popular universities with several PhD holder professionals or experts and provides good infrastructure, facilities, and an excellent environment for study. Some of the best universities and colleges to offer courses related to information technology are as follows:

  • Victoria University
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Charles Darwin University Australia
  • Australian Institute of ICT
  • Chisholm

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ICTWEB305 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two kinds of digital images, such as:

  • Bit-map digital image
  • Vector digital image

There is various software available for editing the image, such as:

  • GIMP
  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Inkscape
  • Pixelate

Of course, our team is highly professionally educated. Our experts are of PhD, master's, and student levels.

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