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The wisdom and abilities needed to create intricate cascading style sheets (CSS) that are affixed to a page written in a scripting language are covered in this unit. It applies to those who work as website developers and services providers along those lines who are involved in the layout and aesthetics of online sites, have a fully advanced grasp of design concepts and programming languages, and are adept in the use of implementation and guidelines. Students will undertake using technical and non-technical skills that will be taught throughout the unit, such as checking web pages, appropriate layouts and more. Students are also supposed to adhere to organizational standards and procedures. After completing this unit, students will be able to work in different fields such as information technology, screen and media, graphic design and information technology.

ICTWEB520 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the ICTWEB520 Unit?

The ICTWEB520 unit teaches a lot. Some major learning outcomes of this unit are listed below, which every student has to learn before completing this unit ;

  1. Determine and validate the laws, regulations, and administrative processes that apply to creating CSS.
  2. Determine and consider the consumer's requirements and needs.
  3. Consider and choose the appropriate technical language based on the technological needs.
  4. Create CSS and websites. Develop CSS following the specifications.
  5. Utilizing sophisticated CSS methods, design, arrange, and place content components on the website. Upload style sheets to relevant internet pages.
  6. Check and verify web pages and CSS. Utilizing cyber security rules and processes, test the web page's security and CSS.
  7. Evaluate web pages on different browsers and hardware.
  8. Correct browser and platform inconsistencies and check the website's usability. Verify the user criteria are satisfied and get the necessary personnel's approval.

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ICTWEB520 assessment answers

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ICTWEB520 Assessment Answers

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This unit will teach students to develop Cascading style sheets (CSS), usually attached to a programming language. This powerful tool turns these languages to display, and that display becomes CSS.

Students can work in IT, journalism, graphic design, creative arts, web development, cyber security, and web design.

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