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MAF308 focuses on the mechanics and valuation of derivative securities options: forwards/futures, swaps, and options on futures/futures. Basic pricing ideas, arbitrage and trading methods, Dark analysis, the Binomial model, and hedging principles will be taught. Many students need help while drafting their MAF308 assessment answers because of the complexity of the topic. The ethical considerations underlying distressed securities investments and balancing returns and risk in fixed income portfolios will be examined.

Fixed-income securities are investments that pay a consistent return regularly. This form of security includes bonds guaranteed by the government, businesses, and banks. A fixed-income option is a contract whose value is derived from a fixed-income security's value. A bond future is priced based on the expected value of an underlying asset or index. Many students face difficulties and problems completing the MAF308 Assignment. At that time, you can come to our experts, who will provide you best MAF308 Derivative and Fixed Income Securities Assignment help; along with this, they can also help you to grab sufficient marks in your academics.

MAF308 assessment answers

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What are the Learning outcomes of studying the MAF308 unit?

This unit conveys that Students will learn how to analyse fixed-income markets and securities and establish portfolio management techniques. Students will learn about interest rates, credit risk, bond valuation, and structured investment methods. The effectiveness of fixed income portfolios will be evaluated using financial technology. After completing this unit, students can learn these:

  • Examine the characteristics of fixed-income assets, markets, and valuation methods critically.
  • Analyse and value fixed income portfolios using sophisticated knowledge and mathematical abilities.
  • Demonstrate extensive understanding of interest rate term structures and analyse market participants' trading behaviour.
  • Examine technology concerns relevant to developing fixed-income portfolios and the investment decision-making process.
  • Describe the features of financial derivatives and the marketplaces in which they trade.
  • Apply the rules of one price and the mechanics of no trading and how to apply them to financial derivatives pricing.
  • Examine your futures, futures, options, and swaps contracts.
  • Use suitable mathematics and communication techniques to evaluate and explain financial data professionally.

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MAF308 assessment answers

Other Imperative Units of Studies Apart from MAF308

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Unit Code

Unit Name


Accounting for Decision Making


Financial Accounting


Management Accounting


Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance


Equities and Investment Analysis


Principles of Income Tax Law


Marketing Fundamentals


Fundamentals of Finance


Business Analytics


Money and Capital Markets

List of Universities and Colleges that Offer a Short-Duration Course in Business and Finance.

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University/College Name

Course name

Deakin University

Diploma of Business Finance

Griffith College

Diploma of Business Finance

University of Southern Queensland

Graduate Diploma of Business finance

University of South Australia

Bachelor in business (Finance)

Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor in business (Finance)

King's Own Institute

Bachelor of Business (Management and Finance

RMIT University

Bachelor in business (Finance)

QUT the University for the real world

Bachelor in business (Finance)

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MAF308 assessment answers

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Financial derivatives are utilised for two primary purposes: speculation and investment hedging.

Derivative trading is when traders bet on an asset's future price movement by purchasing or selling derivative contracts to make more profits than if they bought the underlying asset directly. Traders may also utilise derivatives to mitigate risk on an existing position by hedging. Traders can go short and profit from decreasing asset prices via derivatives. As a result, they can employ derivatives to protect themselves from existing long holdings.

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