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MAN514 is one such academic unit that educates aspiring nurses about managerial skills and practices. It discusses the primary concepts of management theories, crisis resolution approaches, and the risk aversion process, among others. Healthcare centers are active and organic organizations that operate under strict regulations. Every member of such firms is linked with a thread of responsibility. Thus, it becomes important for doctors, nurses, and all the other staff at a healthcare center to follow high standards of professionalism. Including MAN514 units in nursing programs makes it easier for individual nurses to assume the role of a leader or manager for distinct, small groups that simultaneously function in a firm, particularly during emergencies. Therefore, opting for the MAN514 assessment answers service is a palpable alternative for students who aren't versed in the diction of business management. If you're one of them, reach out to Sample Assignment's experts today!

MAN514 assessment answers

What Are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the MAN514 Unit?

Unlike the other units in a typical nursing course, MAN514 does not directly deal with the concerns of clinical science. You can hire our experts for availing MAN514 Management for the Executive assignment help service to get a detailed overview of assignments and score impressively. For ready reference, its key outcomes are given below:

  • Learn the varied management theories used in a workplace and identify the potential challenges that can be resolved.
  • Develop critical and analytical skills to assess the external and internal agents that disrupt workflow, using this insight to prevent environmental obstacles.
  • Become the change-maker in a workplace by introducing policies that boost team morale, smoothen business networks and accommodate socio-cultural differences.
  • Foster leadership abilities to think and act responsibly in the face of crisis, ensuring that the expected goals are achieved.

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MAN514 assessment answers

Other Essential Units of Study Apart from MAN514 Unit

Despite its practical relevance, the MAN514 unit does not hold academic weight in a nursing program until other medical modules accompany it. Students can also get access to the MAN514 assignment sample online on the internet to check the quality of our services. So here are some of the most prominent units given below:

Unit Code

Unit Name


Maternal and Child Health in the Primary Health Care Context


Child and Family Knowledge and Practice 1


Renal Pathophysiology and Pharmacology


Health Assessment in Bio/Psycho/Social Context


Communication and Assessment Skills for Clinical Education


Negotiating Therapeutic Partnerships


Dementia Management in the Primary Health Care Context


Working in Communities for Child and Family Health


Maternal Critical Care: Chronic Conditions


Critical Evaluation of Treatment Modalities

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List of Australian Universities That Offer Certificate/Diploma Courses in Nursing

Most of the nursing courses offered in Australian universities consist of MAN514 as a mandatory addition. The sole unit teaches students about the managerial level tasks and responsibilities that may fall in their way during their careers. Students often look for MAN514 academic assistance services because of their difficulties while drafting their assignments.

  • Institute of Health and Management: Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Non-Specialization)
  • Southern Cross University: Graduate Certificate in Australian Nursing (EPIQ)
  • Australian College of Nursing: Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management
  • University of Sydney: Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
  • CQ University: Graduate Certificate in Nursing (International Registered Nurse Entry)

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MAN514 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nurses are tasked with monitoring the patients' health and their treatment plans. Therefore, their management-level activities include planning, executing, human resource administration, leadership, and regulation of department activities.

The nursing department has three major categories of workers, namely managers, executive nurses, and technicians or helpers.

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