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This unit is appropriate for the individuals working in a drafting environment and can be applied to other varieties of engineering disciplines. MEM09220A deals with the surface modelling techniques using any Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software and its application for presentation and computer processing purposes. Many students across Australia

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MEM09220A Assessment  Answers

What Learning Outcomes of Studying the Unit MEM09220A?

This unit prepares the individual with 3-D modelling techniques and helps to apply all the skills to work proficiently in industrial settings.

  1. Evaluate the available information and check the scope and requirements for the surface modelling task.
  2. Apply relevant standards symbols and prepare equipment necessary to complete the work.
  3. Consult appropriate personnel to ensure your work is effectively coordinated.
  4. Prepare a 3-D drawing environment for your surface modelling work.
  5. Evaluate the modelling software features and plan appropriate work methodology to finish the task.
  6. Edit, manipulate and apply rendering techniques for wireframe modelling.
  7. Project orthographic and isometric perspectives.

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MEM09220A assessment answers

List of Qualifications included in the Unit MEM09220A

The unit provides other necessary qualifications for the engineering diploma which would support your placement in the field; these qualifications are

Unit Code



Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting


Diploma of Engineering - Technical.

These are the units of qualifications. Constructing a proper, impressive assessment paper can be a challenge. You can always refer to our MEM09220A assignment sample online to frame your paper, and our expert assistance will eventually help you score the marks you have been aiming for.

MEM09220A Assessment  Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

3-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design or 3-D CAD is a technology used by product developers, engineers and designers to construct virtual prototypes of functional 3-D objects. The 3-D CAD helps designers create and modify every detail or part of the object or assembly.

Several jobs require the usage of a CAD, namely -

  • Architectural Designer,
  • Electrical Engineer,
  • Interior Designer,
  • Industrial Designer,
  • Manufacturing Engineer,
  • Mechanical Engineer, and more.

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