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Determine production needs and capabilities and create production schedules for a component or part of the MEM14003B unit. The unit is used to plan the manufacture of a single component, a single assembly activity, a tiny production work unit or manufacturing cell, or a specific manufacturing method with a restricted number of constraints or variables.

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MEM14003B Assessment Answers

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What are the learning outcomes of this unit?

This unit falls under the technical engineering diploma program and trains the individual with basic production scheduling skills. The individual must complete the following performance criteria to achieve desired results in the industrial sector.

  • Data on engineering production is identified and collected following workplace procedures.
  • Inventory capabilities and requirements are determined and obtained in line with workplace procedures.
  • Workplace procedures are used to identify and acquire procurement and supply requirements and constraints.
  • Workplace methods identify and determine production capacity and restrictions.
  • Following the organisational procedures, standard times are determined and established.
  • The component's manufacturing is planned and documented in line with production, inventories, procurements, time limitations, supply capacity, and requirements.

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MEM14003B assessment answers

List of Qualifications that Includes MEM14003B Unit

Several qualification units along this unit are essential for the individuals best performance in the professional sector. These include -

Course Code

Course Name


Advanced Diploma of Engineering


Certificate IV in Recreational Vehicles


Certificate IV in Engineering


Certificate IV in Recreational Vehicles


Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining


Diploma of Manufacturing Technology


Diploma of Engineering - Technical


Advanced Diploma of Manufacturing Technology

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MEM14003B Assessment Answers

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