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The unit MEM24012C describes the basic applied metallurgy principles related to choosing proper Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT) and evaluating the results of the NDT test for the metallurgy process. This unit gives all the knowledge about metallurgy principles and the relationship between all the non-destructive methods of testing with their limitations and capabilities to detect specific discontinuities in alloys and metals.

This unit is also applicable to employees other than the NDT technicians, such as welding supervisors or metallurgists who order NDT tests to evaluate the results provided for manufacturing, casting, shaping, and joining of metal. Many students across Australia face problem while composing their MEM24012C assessment answers because of the complexity of the topic.

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MEM24012C assessment answers

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MEM24012C assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the Unit MEM24012C?

The unit MEM24012C trains the individual with the essential skills to become adept in metallurgy. In this unit, one might learn several valuable lessons to work in industry-level settings, such as -

  1. Evaluate strategies for properly applying crystal and solidification structure principles in metals and alloys.
  2. Use trusted sources for your research and interpret equilibrium diagrams for alloys and metals.
  3. Identify the defects in the weldments and apply methods and principles for the fusion welding of metals and alloys considering the NDT test results.
  4. Apply the principles of producing metal castings and be able to identify the defects in metal and alloy castings considering the NDT test results.
  5. Apply the principles of making steel forgings and be able to determine the defects based on the NDT test results.
  6. Apply the principles of mechanical testing and interpret the defects in the metal product by consulting the NDT test results.

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What are the Qualifications Under the Unit MEM24012C?

The unit MEM24012C under the engineering diploma comes with several qualifications that appropriately train the individual to work in the industry.

Unit Code

Unit Name


Certificate IV in Engineering


Advanced Diploma of Engineering


Diploma of Aeroskills (Non-Destructive Testing)


Diploma of Manufacturing Technology


Diploma of Engineering - Technical


Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade


Advanced Diploma of Aviation Non-Destructive Testing


Advanced Diploma of Manufacturing Technology

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MEM24012C assessment answers

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Metallurgy deals with the study which deals with metals and their extraction, refining and recycling. The course of diploma study in metallurgy is called Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering.

An entry-level metallurgist requires the possession of at least a bachelor’s degree in the metallurgical engineering program and related subjects like materials science and chemical engineering.

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