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The unit MEM30025A applies to all production and manufacturing settings. It is limited to comparing existing circuits to standards and does not include assessing circuit alterations.

This unit does not include the ability to do direct measurements of values that require joining or disconnecting circuits and components, which are covered by licencing requirements. When such values are needed, they must be achieved with the help of suitably credentialed individuals or by completing the relevant training for the applicable licensing.

Work is carried out under the supervision and in conformity with regulatory and statutory standards in each state and territory. Many students across Australia face issue while drafting their MEM30025A assessment answers because of the complexity of the topic.

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MEM30025A Assessment Answers

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What are the learning outcomes of this MEM30025A unit?

The unit MEM30025A comes under the diploma in engineering - technical and trains the individual with skills to analyse a simple electrical circuit system. The individual must complete the following performance criteria to achieve desired outcomes in the professional setting.

  1. All functional designs, specifications, manuals, and documents are gathered and analysed following workplace standards.
  2. Where necessary, circuit and component installation is observed to determine the objective.
  3. Safety measures are developed with administrators and legal and regulatory standards.
  4. To determine job qualifications, relevant persons are consulted.
  5. Parts and assemblies that are compatible are specified.
  6. Where necessary, parts and materials are characterised from supplier/manufacturer directories.
  7. The schematic diagram has been extracted.
  8. In conformity with rules and workplace procedures, the design uses drawing standards and symbols.
  9. The circuit and component performances are evaluated to design parameters and operational standards.

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MEM30025A assessment answers

What are the qualifications that include MEM30025A unit?

There are several qualifications that come along with this unit which is essential for the individuals to deliver effective work outcomes in the industrial sector. The qualifications are -

Unit Code

Unit Name


Certificate III in Manufacturing Technology


Advanced Diploma of Engineering


Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade


Certificate IV in Engineering


Advanced Diploma of Engineering


Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting


Certificate III in Engineering - Technical


Diploma of Engineering - Technical


Certificate III in Watch and Clock Service and Repair


Diploma of Engineering - Technical

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MEM30025A Assessment Answers

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A battery (or another energy source), a light bulb (or another energy-consuming device), and conducting wires connecting the two terminals of the battery to the two ends of the light bulb can make up a basic electrical circuit.

Electric Circuit analysis is the process of determining the voltages across and currents through each network component. The methods used to calculate these numbers vary greatly. However, the approach being used often presupposes that the network's elements are all linear.

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