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From this MMST11003 unit, students become experts and understand all the concepts related to elements of visual design and its fundamental principles. This unit also helps to increase the knowledge and skills to understand how visual design is used in digital environments. Students enhance their skills and accomplishment required to design a visual language and gain expertise in visual communication. They also develop their knowledge and skills in understanding the software tools like adobe illustrator and photoshop based on industry-standard. You will work individually or with team members to create or develop unique solutions or methods to design issues.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the MMST11003 Unit?

There are several learning outcomes of Studying the MMST11003 Visual Design Fundamentals Unit. Given below are some of the learning outcomes of the MMst11003 unit:

  • Students learn about the fundamental principles and elements of visual design.
  • Students will understand all concepts related to visual communication and the know-how to utilise for digital production with the help of visual communication.
  • Students enhance their skills and accomplishment required to design a visual language with expertise in visual communication.
  • Students develop their knowledge and skills in understanding the software tools like adobe illustrator and photoshop based on industry-standard.
  • Will be able to create or develop unique methods to design issues.
  • Learn about all the software tools like adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator according to the requirements of industry standards.
  • Learn how to communicate and cooperate with visual designers and increase their skills in visual designing.
  • Will be able to do work individually or with team members to solve the design issues.

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MMST11003 Assessment Answers

List of Universities and Collages Offering Diploma of Digital Media

Australia provides you safe and pleasant study environment. Australia is consistently excellent, ranks amongst the safest countries in the world, and provides a quality of living. Here is a list of universities in Australia which are well-known for their quality of teaching and research, and they offer specific inter-related degree courses for your reference. Some of the best universities and colleges to offer courses related to digital media are as follows:

  • CQ University Australia
  • Macleay College
  • Kent Institute of Business and Technology
  • RMIT University
  • Australian College of Business Intelligence

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MMST11003 assessment answers

What are the benefits of Studying a Diploma Course from Australian Universities?

Australia is very popular among students because of its quality of education, which provides several courses and post-study work opportunities. When you decide to study in Australia, you get to select so many courses in different universities and colleges, receive various scholarship opportunities, and get the best education from the highly qualified teachers in the world. Here are several benefits of studying a diploma course in Australian universities, such as:

  • Diploma courses are more affordable.
  • Australian universities offer high-quality education.
  • Easy immigration
  • Part-time employment
  • Australian universities and institutes provide a scholarship program for diploma students.
  • The educational program for diploma courses is easy.
  • Diploma/certificate courses are shorter.
  • Diploma/certificate courses offer flexibility.
MMST11003 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various elements of visual design, such as:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Movement
  • Emphasis
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Gestalt
  • Repetition
  • Proportion

There are various kinds of tools used in UX design, such as:

  • Adobe XD
  • Invision
  • Maze
  • Qualaroo
  • Sketch

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