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NURS7019 Assessment Answers

NURS 7019 is the code taught in Australian universities to students who want to pursue their careers in the medical and nursing profession. In this unit of study, students will examine and analyze the notions of health and sickness in the framework of societal variety in this subject. The unit promotes the acquisition of specialized knowledge and basic values that will allow learners to become humanistic, societally and ethically responsible, and adequately able to adapt when satisfying the health requirements of Torres strait Islander peoples, other vulnerable and excluded associations such as refugees and members of the LGBTI community, as well as people from other societal and cultural backgrounds. A case study technique gives students a framework to investigate the influence of various attitudes and value systems on people's health in Australia. Learners of this unit need experts who guide them during NURS7019 Assessment Answers by providing quality assignment solutions on NURS7019.

nurs7019 assessment answers

Learning outcome of NURS 7019

NURS 7019 leads to various learning outcomes for the students. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • When working with various cultural and social areas, critically consider their own beliefs and views.
  • Can describe the health risks that people from various cultural groups face
  • Will be able to determine how to help children, adolescents, and adults cope with growing sickness, the possibility of death, loss, and grieving.
  • Consider how individuals of the interprofessional team are affected by advancing sickness, death, and grieving
  • students are encouraged to consider and investigate psychological, religious, behavioral, cultural, and community aspects of caring for dying and grieving people.
  • Learn to communicate properly with the patient, the patients’ families, and medical groups in a polite manner.
  • Learn Pain and symptom control that explored in tandem with psychosocial hospice care.

The above written are some of the learning outcomes of studying masters in nursing program from the Australian universities. Students seek our expertise' guidance with NURS7019 Cultural and Social Diversity in Health Care assignment help in the workplace assignment in order to gain the skills and abilities necessary to accomplish the activities listed above. With the help of our NURS7019 academic assistance, students may also write high-quality evaluation responses.

List of Universities to pursue a Short-Term Diploma/Certificate Course in Australia

In Australia, master nursing programs efficiently combine theory and practice. There are four sessions in the two-year curriculum. Mentioned below are the names of the institutes from where students can study NURS7019.

  1. Swinburne University
  2. Victoria University
  3. TAFE New South Wales
  4. RMIT University
  5. Stott’s College
  6. TAFE Queensland
  7. Federation University Australia
  8. The Alpine Institute
  9. Torrens University
  10. Chisholm TAFE

The above listed are the name of the universities which offers a diploma/certificate degree in nursing course to the students who want to pursue their career in this field of nursing, at present many students from various colleges and institutions are taking benefit of our specialists' knowledge who are experts in providing the greatest NURS7019 assignment sample online.

nurs7019 assessment answers

Other important unit codes along with NURS7019

Students will learn about Cultural and Social Diversity in Health Care in NURS7019. Individuals also go for essay writing services to relieve stress and allow them to concentrate more on their studies. The table below shows some other units that can be beneficial for students in nursing.

Unit Code

Units of Study


Building Organisational Capacity in Health Care


Perspective on Nursing


Capstone Experience in Health Care


Biological consideration in Mental Health and Mental Illness for Advanced


Contemporary Professional Practice in Mental Health Nursing


Mental Health Nursing Practice 1


Clinical Supervision in Health Care


Mental Health Assessment and Application

Students who enrol in the units mentioned above in their educational institutions are entitled to various benefits and learnings. Students must present assignments and other educational projects continuously to prove their devotion to their studies, so obtaining a master’s degree is not as simple as it may appear. But to make it easier numerous students from various academic institutions benefit from our specialists' expertise in providing the greatest Nursing Assignment Help.

nurs7019 assessment answers

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