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For a significant time, medical science focused on setting a universal standard of good health that stipulated ideal body shape, height, color, and other basic features. However, with the advancement in biotechnology, scientists have recognised the genetic, ecological and lifestyle factors that impact a person's health. This, in turn, led to a development in the visionary statement of the healthcare sector, taking the focus away from disease removal to promoting the well-being of every individual. With passing time, this course has come to be recognised in various universities, and in some countries like Australia, it is one of the core modules of nursing degrees. But gone are the days when students struggled to design appealing NURS8720 Assessment Answers. With Sample Assignment's help, you can draft a well-researched, error-free paper within days under the valuable guidance of our NURS8720 academic assistance experts!

nurs8720 assessment answers

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Diploma/Certificate in Nursing from Australia?

For units like NURS8720, where theoretical modules dominate, studying, for example, can greatly help students to understand the impact of their learning. Therefore, doing it from Australia is the first suggestion students receive from their trainers. Some other benefits of taking nursing programs in Australia are as follows:

  • Easy Earnings: Practise your nursing skills even as you complete your course through a part-time job.
  • Best Colleges at Least Costs: Australian universities have a student-friendly education package. You can enroll for scholarships and grants to waive off more than half of your tuition fees.
  • Budget Living: The standard of living in Australia is comparatively higher than in other countries, with low rents, fully technologised public services and great local cuisine.
  • Global Certificate: Nursing degrees earned from Australia are valid in every corner of the globe without exception.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of the NURS8720 Unit?

Primary healthcare is a relatively new concept in the medical field that follows the community-centric approach towards disease eradication. It considers the socio-cultural and geographical factors that determine care and rehabilitation strategies. As a unit focused on primary healthcare systems, NURS8720 aims to teach students about the historical relevance of the concept and methods needed to design a country-specific wellness program based on the latter’s legal, communal and ecological features.

  • Understand the principles of healthcare, noting their impact in ensuring primary, public and community welfare.
  • Note down the ways in which contextual factors like biological inheritance, social setting, geographical location etc., ascertain the health of individuals and their groups in different regions.
  • Evaluate the models of health education followed by individuals, drawing on their links with social learning ideology, awareness, behavioural and lifestyle patterns.
  • Learn about the limitations set by regional, national and global policies on healthcare programs and services.
  • Study and critically analyse existent primary healthcare models based on their proposed models, resource requirements and outreach.

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NURS8720 assessment answers

List of Other Essential Units of Study Paired with NURS8720

NURS8720 is categorised as an essential unit for nursing students due to its relevance to modern society and interesting topic outline. Another benefit of this diploma is that it can give you a head start in the other essential nursing programs, such as the ones mentioned below:




Acute Mental Health Nursing Theory


Epidemiology and Population Studies for Health Care Practice


Palliative Care and Ageing


Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes Management


Contemporary Issues in Paediatric Nursing


Professional Experience in Resuscitation Across the Lifespan (PEP)


Dimensions of Emergency Nursing


Contemporary Issues in Paediatric Nursing


The 3 Ds Dementia, Delirium, and Depression


Leadership in Health Studies

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nurs8720 assessment answers

List of Australian Educational Entities that Offer a Diploma/Certificate Course in Nursing

Many Australian universities offer the NURS8720 unit as a mandatory element of their extensive nursing program. Yet others allow students to take it up as a distinct professional accreditation. Here's a list of the top 5 colleges where it is available:

  • Flinders University: Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Aged Care Nursing)
  • Western Sydney University: Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care
  • University of Melbourne: Graduate Diploma in Primary Care Nursing
  • The Adelaide University: Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science
  • Griffith University: Graduate Certificate in Public Health
  • Deakin University: The Graduate Diploma of Midwifery
  • The University of Sydney: Graduate Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing
  • Charles Darwin University: Graduate Certificate of Primary Health Care

Taking an overview of the NURS8720 assignment sample online can help you identify the different coursework schemes practised at each university. Make sure to consider the academic pre-requisites before applying for any program.

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