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Documenting the arrival and discharge of patients is only one aspect of the duties conducted by nurses in a hospital’s intensive care or high acuity unit. They’re also expected to assist in medical administration surgeries, maintain a daily log of patients' health, and analyze treatment effects on a client's recovery pace. The same tenants also become the essential guidelines for the NURS8747 Managing High Acuity Medical Care unit taught as a part of all nursing degrees in Australia. Being an advanced level unit, NURS8747 adds weightage to the medical profile of aspiring nurses, declaring them as eligible candidates for emergency, OPD and ICU services. That's why learners consult Sample Assignment's faculty about NURS8747 Assessment Answers to submit their assignments within the deadline and score HD marks and grades.

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NURS8747 assessment answers

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Diploma/Certificate Course in Nursing?

The rise of nursing as a desirable vocation choice coincides with the growth of Australia as an immigrant-friendly country. Over the past years, Australia has revised its public policies to make it easier for international students to study, work and live in the nation. With an increase in the country's GDP, the demand for professionals has also doubled, especially in the healthcare sector. A result is a place that can become the perfect launching pad for every aspiring nurse.

  • Quality Education: Australia houses 6 of the top 100 universities in the world, in addition to the numerous academic laureates of various disciplines. You’re sure to get the best resources and supervision here!
  • Handsome Living Space: The long beaches, delectable cuisine, buzzing fashion circle and well-developed city walks are only a few of the elements that make Australia such a wonder. You'll find more of these as you start living in the country's top cities.
  • Student Aid Programs: Australia’s education system is atypically strict. But the allied services/schemes available for the students compensate for this limitation. You can take a number of grants, scholarships, and essay writing service For instance, Sample Assignment offers both academic counselling and academic assistance services.
  • Open Job Portals: A variety of part-time jobs in all sectors are up for grabs in Australia. You can join them as you're studying!

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What Are the Learning Outcomes of NURS8747 Nursing Unit?

High acuity care is an autonomous ward in a healthcare centre that houses critically ill patients. All of your nursing skills and knowledge are practiced here since one is expected to assist in administering medical interventions at short notice. Coming from the same concept, the NURS8747 unit trains the learners to use their analytical abilities while processing their memorized techniques to suit the real-time challenges of acuity care. Assignment solution on NURS8747 aims to drive the students towards any or all of the following objectives. Check out Sample Assignment's online samples to see what you can expect.

  • Learn about various physical and mental assessments conducted in high acuity care facilities to monitor patient health, using their data to create nursing routines.
  • Acquire and practice in-depth knowledge of etiology, physiology, and pathology to treat at-risk patients.
  • Utilize knowledge of pharmacology to administer medicines and evaluate their effectiveness in treatment.
  • Understand the role of advanced age technology in promoting the recovery of high acuity patients with chronic health issues.
  • Record and assess clinical data to design a personalized treatment plan for every high acuity patient, ensuring that their end goals are met.
  • Harbor clear and professional communication while collaborating with colleagues from multiple verticals of workplace hierarchy.

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List of Other Essential Units of Study Paired with NURS8747 Nursing Unit

In the list of units taught in Australian universities across nursing programs, NURS8747 comes towards the end of the course by the time students are thoroughly aware of the human anatomy and the modes of treatment used in clinical science. Thus, you can say that the NURS8747 unit heavily relies on the fundamental learnings of students. Experts at Sample Assignment have published the NURS8747 assignment sample online to demonstrate the potential overlaps between various nursing units.




Disability Theory and Practice


Critical Care Nursing Theory


Dimensions of Emergency Nursing


Primary Health Care Constructs and Contexts


Palliative Care and Ageing


Early Childhood Intervention


Health Maintenance for Infants, Children, and Young People


The 3 Ds Dementia, Delirium, and Depression


Contemporary Issues in Paediatric Nursing


Professional Experience in Resuscitation Across the Lifespan (PEP)

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nurs8747 assessment answers

List of Australian Educational Entities that offers a Diploma/Certificate Course in Nursing!

The list of colleges or universities that teach NURS8747-inclusive nursing courses is endless. It is taught at the state and federal levels, making no exception to the quality of education imparted. However, the combination of units studied in each program would differ as per the program's credit score. Here are some Australian nursing programs worth considering:

  • Griffith University: Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing
  • Flinders University: Graduate Diploma in Nursing (High Dependency)
  • The University of Melbourne: Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing
  • Federation University: Graduate Certificate in Health (Intensive Care Nursing)
  • Institute of Health and Management: Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing

What are the Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Experts for NURS8747 academic assistance?

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Acuity level is an indication of the amount of time or cares it would take for a patient to recover physically and mentally. High acuity levels denote intensive healthcare needs and frequent doctor supervision.

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