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This NURSING7124 Unit is both a necessity and a popular unit amongst aspiring nurses. It covers all the theoretical and practical skills needed to assist patients suffering from common chronic disorders like Diabetes, cancer, obesity, dementia, and renal dysfunction. Human ailments are classified into many categories, of which the chronic ones are the most troublesome. Unfortunately, Australia has been observing a gradual increase in reported chronic disease patients, with fear of many more remaining undiagnosed due to the economic gap. As demanding as it is, NURSING7124 can still be a fulfilling unit for you if you have the right resources. Students often face difficulties drafting their NURSING7124 assessment answers because of the complexity.

NURSING7124 assessment answers

What Are the Learning Outcomes of the NURSING7124 Unit?

Being a focused unit, NURSING7124 covers all aspects of chronic illness treatment. Still, it does not address the other fundamental clinical strategies used for performing day-to-day tasks like monitoring vital functions, analyzing reports, designing medicine regimes, etc. To reduce students' workload, we provide one of the best NURSING7124 Management of Chronic Illness assignments help so that they achieve good grades and score impressively. Meanwhile, here are the core takeaways of this Unit:

  • Observe and note the impact of chronic illness on a person’s physique, duly noting the nursing strategies that can help relieve it.
  • Learn about the mental implications of chronic disorders on the patient and their family, especially by studying their behavioral manifestations.
  • Utilize gathered knowledge to develop strategies that promote positive patient-caregiver relationships.
  • Understand the socio-cultural taboos associated with chronic disorders and identify ways to tackle them.
  • Foster an empathetic attitude towards patients with chronic disorders to raise awareness about their healthcare issues.

This is not an exhaustive list of the learnings that you'll get from the NURSING7124 Unit. There is much more to be learned about hospital administration and healthy clinical practices from its modules. Feel free to contact our subject-matter experts to avail of diploma assignment help. We can help you crystallize your thoughts on paper with ease!

NURSING7124 assessment answers

Other Essential Units of Study apart from NURSING7124 Unit

Just as chronic disorders have a variety of forms, the combination of academic units that follow NURSING7124 can be numerous depending on the overarching outcomes of the course. However, there is a common set of modules that improve the impact of NURSING7124. Check out Sample Assignment’s NURSING7124 assignment sample online to demonstrate the points of convergence between this Unit and others.

Unit code

Unit Name


Introduction to Anaesthetic & Recovery Nursing


Professional Practice


Advanced Orthopaedic Nursing Practice II


Introduction to Perioperative Nursing Practice


Hematology/Oncology Nursing Practice


Specialized Anaesthetic & Recovery Nursing


Recognition and Response to the Deteriorating Patient


Leadership and Management in Nursing

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NURSING7124 assessment answers

List of Australian Universities That Offer Certificate/Diploma Courses in Nursing

Nursing is a popular course in Australia, with a various degree and certificate courses available for students to choose from. In the given case, chronic illness nursing is the area of focus, so it is best to target those Australian institutions that offer specialized programs in healthcare management or intensive care. Students often look for NURSING7124 academic assistance services as they face difficulties drafting their assignments within the given time frame. In general, the top colleges to follow are mentioned below:

  • Flinder’s University: Graduate Certificate in Chronic Condition Management
  • The University of Newcastle: Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Chronic Disease Management
  • Charles Sturt University: Graduate Certificate in Integrated Chronic and Terminal Care
  • Australian College of Nursing: Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care Nursing
  • Western Sydney University: Graduate Diploma in Primary Healthcare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chronic is a medical term that indicates the severity of an illness. It is used for congenital, pre-existing, or long-term diseases.

Chronic disorders are commonly found in the vital organs, where medicines and machinery can rarely enter. These are cardiovascular disorders, cancer, asthma, osteoporosis, depression, and chronic kidney disease.

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