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NURSING7146 Assessment Answers

This course equips clinicians with the specialty-specific skills and information needed to work as advanced perioperative nurses in the perioperative setting. The course expands on the information and skills gained during the patient's perioperative journey and how they are applied to the many subspecialties of surgery, as well as the implications for perioperative nursing practice, particularly the instrument and circulating nurse positions. The course studies and evaluates the advanced knowledge and abilities needed to manage these patients through NURSING7146 assessment answers effectively. The acquisition of skills within the student's clinical context is emphasised heavily. After completing this course, the clinician will be able to work at an advanced clinical level in all aspects of perioperative nursing. It also includes various assignments and projects for which the learner can avail NURSING7146 Specialised Perioperative Nursing Practice assignment help from professionals.


What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying NURSING7146?

After the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the differences in anatomy, pathology, and perioperative patient care among surgical subspecialties.
  2. Investigate a one-of-a-kind patient condition from the perspective of a perioperative patient journey.
  3. Describe how the nursing process works in all types of perioperative practise settings.
  4. Demonstrate surgical subspecialty proficiency in a variety of areas
  5. Demonstrate a difficult surgical technique from the perspective of surgical specialisation.
  6. Create a surgical care plan for patients who are receiving surgery in two different subspecialties.
  7. Examine the perioperative patient itineraries of patients in a number of surgical specialities.
  8. Apply what you've learned in "7145 – Introduction to Perioperative Nursing" to any surgical subspecialty clinical situation.

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NURSING7146 Assessment Answers

Some Other Units Along with NURSING7146

Students are guided to study several other studies units that help them understand the core concepts of nursing and healthcare facilities. Some of these prominent units are as follows:

  • NURSING7118 - Critical Care Essentials
  • NURSING7031 - Foundations of Critical Care
  • NURSING7151 - Cardiovascular Care
  • NURSING7136 - Intensive Care II
  • NURSING7140 - Haematology/Oncology Nursing Practice
  • NURSING7139 - Haematology/Oncology Nursing II
  • NURSING7138 - Haematology/Oncology Nursing I
  • NURSING7141 - Orthopaedic Trauma Nursing

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nursing7146 assessment answers

Roles and Responsibilities of Perioperative Nurse

A registered nurse (R.N.) who works in the operating room is referred to as a perioperative nurse. This trained nurse, often known as a surgical or operating room nurse, looks for patients prior to, during, and after surgery. A perioperative nurse's specific roles and duties are:

  • Working with patients before surgery to complete paperwork, answer questions, and alleviate concerns regarding the procedure
  • Keeping an eye on a patient's health before, during, and after surgery is essential.
  • During the procedure, selecting and handing tools and supplies to the surgeon (sometimes referred to as a scrub nurse)
  • Managing the operating room's total nursing care to provide a safe and comfortable setting (sometimes referred to as a circulating nurse)
  • Patients are being educated on the best ways to recuperate, such as pain management and wound care.

Required abilities for Perioperative Nurse

To be effective, perioperative RNs must possess a diverse range of abilities, including the ability to help doctors, act as patient liaisons, and communicate with patients and their families about treatment options. Successful perioperative nurses must have the following abilities:

  • Tech-savvy
  • Detail-oriented
  • A thinker who is sceptical
  • Working in a demanding, fast-paced atmosphere is a plus.
  • Flexible
  • Multitasker extraordinaire
  • A strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Someone who works well with others

Because they frequently deal with life-threatening circumstances and calm worried patients and family members, perioperative nurses have a lot of emotional stamina.

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Perioperative nursing is the sixth most in-demand of the 25 nursing specialities, with a 20 per cent predicted growth. It also pays more: the typical operating room nurse earns 25% more than a registered nurse.

Nursing graduates might find rewarding jobs in a range of related fields. Medical records and health information technicians, pharmaceutical sales representatives, nutritionists, health educators, physical therapists, and clinical social workers are just a few of the employment available.

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