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Get NURS5098 Chronic Illness Management assessment answers here from our experts!

Chronic conditions are continuous. They are different from a normal short-term illness and need care. Here, the role and responsibility of nurses become more complicated as they are not in charge of patients' health all the time. For chronic conditions, a nurse has to educate patients on managing their health given their disease. Nurses have to inform patients on what activities they can do and avoid to carry on a healthy life. A patient must carry out these measures effectively and might need regular checkups and advice. There are various that need to be studied to gain expertise in Chronic illness management and treatment. Many universities in Australia have introduced nursing courses with relevance to chronic conditions. You can get total guidance on NURS5098 Chronic Illness Management assessment answers from our experts.

nurs5098 chronic illness management assignment help

Learning Outcomes of Pursuing a Course in Nursing from Australia

  • Learning how to tackle and take care of patients suffering from chronic diseases within boundaries of health care management
  • Understand what physical, social, and psychological difficulties are faced by patients having chronic diseases and determine ways which can help them to manage their condition themselves
  • Work on how an advanced practice nurse can promote self-care and an ideal lifestyle
  • Derive and apply various strategies that will help an individual with chronic conditions healthy while appreciating these patients for their health values
  • Analyzing the vital role of adequate communication with patients, families, colleagues, other healthcare professionals and applying the corrective measures.

Other Essentials Units of Study

Nursing in Chronic Illness needs conditioning the patient’s mind into adopting remedies for leading a better life. This would require various aspects to be studied by practising nurses. Some of the essential units that to pursue are:

Unit Code

Unit of Study


Promoting Health and Care in the Community


Primary Health Care


Expanding Primary Health Care Practice


Understand Health and Managing Disease


Interpersonal Mental Health Nursing


Emergency Nursing Practice


Interprofessional Engagement With Families


Social Contexts of Health


Mental Health and Wellbeing


The complexity of Critical Illness and Injury


Illness Experience and Nursing Care


Contemporary Health Leadership


Care and Chronic Conditions


Promoting Health in Nursing Practice


Managing Chronic Conditions


Complexities of Care

nurs5098 chronic illness management assignment help

Chronic Illness Management courses prepare you to understand your patient’s condition and provide them with answers for their illness. If you get any doubts and questions while learning the subject, you can easily ask us for NURS5098 Chronic Illness Management assignment help.

Career Opportunities

Being a nurse is not only taking care of a patient's activities and medicine schedule; it entails management, administration, problem-solving, medical treatments, research, and more. A nurse can opt for the following paths in their career after specializing in a particular field. For specialisation in Chronic Illness Management, our experts will provide you best NURS5098 Chronic Illness Management academic assistance on all important topics.

  1. Theatre Nurse
  2. Clinical Nurse
  3. Enrolled Nurse
  4. Practice Nurse
  5. Registered Nurse
  6. Nurse Unit Manager
  7. Mental Health Nurse
  8. Aged Care Registered Nurse

nurs5098 chronic illness management assessment answers

List of Colleges that offers a Short-erm Course in Nursing:

  1. Australian College Of Nursing 

Courses Offered:

Graduate Certificate in (Acute Care Nursing, Aged Care Nursing, Child and Family Health Nursing, Cosmetic Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Dermatology Nursing, Orthopaedic Nursing, Palliative Care, Perioperative Nursing, etc.)

  1. University Of South Australia

Courses Offered:

Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning Strategies, Educational Assessment, Ageing in Contemporary Society, Therapeutic Encounters in Mental Health)

  1. The University Of Sydney

Courses Offered:

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing (Assessment and Clinical Judgement, Foundations of Clinical Practice, Exploring Nursing Practice, Preventive Adverse Clinical Outcomes)

  1. Southern Cross University

Courses Offered:

Graduate Certificate in Australian Nursing (Contextual nursing and health, Professional practice, Critical thinking and analysis, Coordination of care)

  1. University of Tasmania

Courses Offered:

Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Specialisation) (H5F)

In the case of chronic disease, a nurse's knowledge about the diseases will help the patient a lot, as in some conditions, patients need to maintain a diet and exercise schedule. Some patients are not very enthusiastic about these things and might resist following the lifestyle. Still, suppose a nurse is well-learned and conditioned by their studies. In that case, they can understand the emotional or psychological difficulty of the patient and encourage them to practice a healthy lifestyle. Chronic Illness nursing courses teach all these with in-depth knowledge and practice. Get assignment solutions on NURS5098 Chronic Illness Management by the most experienced healthcare professionals.

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