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For the safety of the employee or worker, (WHS) work health and safety make some procedures and policies. This instruction is given to each industry or organization to follow these guidelines. In the organization, all worker or employee must complete their work under the guidelines of work health and safety.

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This RIIWHS201E unit illustrates the competency and accomplishments essential for worker safety. This unit enhances the skills and knowledge of the employees to follow the safety rules and regulations under the guidance of work health and safety. From this unit, employees can learn how to complete their work according to the work health and safety procedures and policies. This unit is beneficial to those who want to work as a role of operational. Quality of Work is complete with responsibilities and under the guidance of a supervisor. For this unit licensing, the certificate requirement varies from state to state. Students learn how to take responsibility and manage emergencies. Learn how to make a record of injuries per the requirements of the workplace procedures and policies.

What Topics Covered in RIIWHS201E Work Safety and Follow WHS Policies and Procedures?

When students complete this RIIWHS201E unit, they cover several topics. If you face difficulty understanding any topics, you are free to ask for online assignment help. Our experts describe the topics and provide you with a RIIWHS201E assignment sample online that helps to score good marks in your academics. Here is a list of topics, such as:

  • Site safety procedures.
  • Organization management procedures.
  • Equipment safety procedures.
  • Techniques and methods of handling hazardous material.
  • Follow with the safety data sheet.
  • Handle emergencies.
  • Personal safety equipment.
RIIWHS201E Assessment Answers

Why Policies and Procedures are Important for the Organisation?

Policies and procedures are essential for the workplace. Policies provide responsibilities, stability, guidance, efficiency, and intelligibility to operate an organization. On the other hand, the procedures help the employee by providing information and knowledge about how to do the task. The Procedures and policies are essential for the organization, such as:

  • Quality of work: Workers complete their work according to policies and the procedures of the organization or the workplace. It will help to increase the quality of work and productivity and help to increase the reputation of the organization.
  • Increases workplace safety: If the employees follow the procedures and policies of the workplace or an organization, it reduces the chance of accidents. It helps in decreasing the liability risk factor of the organization.
  • Stability: If employees follow the policies and procedures of an organization, it increases performance stability.
  • Create a culture: Policies and procedures help in creating a culture.
RIIWHS201E assessment answers

List of Other Courses that Include this RIIWHS201E Unit:

Given below are some courses that include this RIIWHS201E unit:

  • Certificate III in Civil Construction
  • Certificate III in Mining Exploration
  • Certificate III in Resource Processing
  • Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
  • Certificate II in Water Industry Operations

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RIIWHS201E Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Police provide responsibilities, stability, guidance, efficiency, and intelligibility to operate an organization. Policies give information to the employee to follow the rule of the company.

By policies, employees learn how to make decisions. On the other hand, procedures help the employee by providing information and knowledge about how to do the task.

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