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This SHBXCCS001 unit tells you how to complete the various transactions required when buying or selling services and products in a personal service environment. In addition to using cash and checks, a cashier also operates a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, helps customers, and verifies amounts to be sent to the financial office. Students often look for experts who help them in drafting SHBXCCS001 assessment answers as they face problems while drafting it. To help the students to reduce their huddle, we provide one of the best SHBXCCS001 assignment help so that they score good grades and submit their assignments within the given time frame. This unit relates to personal service employees working in salons, beauty spas, nail salons, and so on. They usually work within established routines and use only a limited range of equipment.

SHBXCCS001 Assessment Answers

What are the learning outcomes of studying the SHBXCCS001 unit?

The skills and knowledge you will need to do this course are outlined in the course's learning outcomes. This is what you should be able to do by the end of this unit. Make sure to keep these points in mind before you begin to study:

  • Open and close the point-of-sale terminal. Clear the point-of-sale terminal and swipe card.
  • Carry out cash-handling procedures.
  • Maintain a supply of change, and the money supply, in the point-of-sale terminal. You are required to log in to the nearest point-of-sale terminal to view and correct any transactions.
  • Maintain adequate supply vouchers, receipts, and other supporting documents.
  • Input sales information into point-of-sale devices and let them know the required payment and the payment method.
  • Process cash and non-cash transactions, issue correct change, receipts, and complete all appropriate documentation.
  • Please consult with the client to determine how he or she wishes to proceed as far as refunds go.
  • Issue a refund and hand over all receipts and documentation about the sale.
  • Your responsibility is to balance the register or terminal throughout the business's operation. In addition, make sure you are separating and securing cash from any recent transactions before balancing.
  • Switch supplies when necessary and have read-outs interpreted by terminal or register.
  • Coordinate the transfer of money and documents, as directed by organizational security policies and procedures.
  • Tot up the cash and tally the non-cash documents.
  • Match the sum of the transactions with the sum of the cash, and the balance should balance, but note any discrepancy between what is logged in the register and what was noted.

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SHBXCCS001 assessment answers

List of Other Prominent Units of Study along with SHBXCCS001:

You need to know a range of topics to take care of money at a beauty salon, so a diploma in beauty therapy (also known as a degree in aesthetics) covers a range of subjects, like makeup, tanning, and hair removal:

Unit code

Unit Name


Provide Body Massages


Research And Apply Beauty Industry Information


Provide Body Treatments


Conduct Salon Financial Transactions


Provide Lash And Brow Services


Provide Salon Services To Clients


Provide Facial Treatments And Skin Care Recommendations


Comply With Organizational Requirements Within A Personal Services Environment


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Apply Safe Hygiene, Health, And Work Practices


Provide Waxing Services


Apply Cosmetic Tanning Products


Design And Apply Makeup


Provide Aromatherapy Massages


Provide Manicure And Pedicure Services


Provide Micro-Dermabrasion Treatments


Apply For Eyelash Extensions

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List of Qualifications that include this SHBXCCS001 unit

Allowing students to pick what they want to study will come with assistance and apply throughout their entire academic career. The following is the list of qualifications that are provided in this unit:




Certificate III in barbering


Certificate III in hairdressing


Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy


Certificate III in Make-Up


Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics


Diploma in Beauty Therapy


Certificate II in Salon Assistant


Certificate III in Beauty Services


Certificate III in Nail Technology

SHBXCCS001 Assessment Answers

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