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This SHBXCCS002 unit describes the performance results, competencies, and knowledge required to deliver a comprehensive client service experience. Students in this unit will be required to cater to the clients requirements by communicating with them through various means and modes. They will also be required to schedule, assist and inform to increase efficiency so that the client can have a great consumer experience. This unit is for people who are going to be working in the service sector industry such as beauty, body, skin, and more. Students will be taught to make as accurate decisions related to service providing as possible. , students will have to achieve a good grade during their performance in SHBXCCS002 assessment answers. For this purpose, students may require our expertise, resources, and service which are being provided by our experts through SHBXCCS002 academic assistance services.

SHBXCCS002 Assessment Answers

Why choose Australia for Pursuing Diploma/Certificate courses?

Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world with exceptional ranks, faculty, campuses, and more. To help you through your academic journey in Australia, we provide online assignment help so that you do not face problem. Lets take a closer look at why you should choose Australia for short-duration courses.

  1. The duration of these diploma and certificate courses is minimal. They can be completed within 6 to 12 months and in rare cases, they can extend to 18 months or more.
  2. The course curriculum of diploma courses is limited as compared to other full-time courses.
  3. The fee structure of these diploma and certificate courses is affordable for the middle-income group.
  4. Students can also get into part-time occupations while studying in Australia through the variety of visa options that are provided by the Australian government.

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What are the Learning outcomes of studying the SHBXCCS002 unit?

This unit has multiple learning outcomes that are a requirement to demonstrate skills that are evidence of vocational training. This will increase employment opportunities for the students.

  1. Students will learn to properly welcome or receive new clients, take into consideration their requirements, take action to provide service, start a membership, record information, and guide the client to the seating area.
  2. Develop a professional relationship with clients while catering to their needs, maximize the good experience, promote relevant services, and consider organizational policies throughout the process.
  3. Reschedule, cancel and plan services as required. Maintain records of all appointments including duration and service provided.
  4. Provide accurate customer service, resolve any complaints, solve complaints according to company guidelines, draft accurate documentation, and take client feedback.
  5. Maintain appropriate conduct to make clients feel welcome, portray a level of excitement to provide service, and provide timely service.

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SHBXCCS002 assessment answers

List of Universities that offer Diploma of Beauty Therapy

There are multiple universities in Australia that are globally recognized for their impressive academic structure. Here are some of the universities that provide the unit SHBXCCS002-

  1. Victoria University, Melbourne
  2. TAFE, South Australia
  3. Charles Darwin University
  4. Federation University
  5. Melbourne Polytechnic
  6. Torrens University Australia
  7. Kangan Institute
  8. Canberra Institute of Technology
  9. Australian National College of Beauty
  10. Box Hill Institute

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SHBXCCS002 Assessment Answers

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