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Every step of patisserie operations is taught in this course, the foremost being unit SITHPAT007, i.e. Preparation and Modeling of Marzipan. This unit entails a wide range of specialist skills that are often clubbed under the term of "good cooking" and become fully pronounced in the commercial cooking industry, where individuals are encouraged to learn and perfect any one of the areas. Amongst these fields, the Patisserie is a popular choice of aspiring chefs for it allows greater expression of creativity. This trend finds its fruition in Australian universities, which offer short term, focused courses like Certificate III in Patisserie to all kinds of students, starting from seasoned chefs to young hustlers. Read on to find out the learning objectives and strategies for writing your SITHPAT007 assessment answers and find out ways in which can help you cross this unit with ease!

SITHPAT007 assessment answers

What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Certificate/Diploma in Patisserie from Australia?

To call bakers, the makers of Australia's food industry would not be an understatement. Yielding a turnover of more than 5.1 billion dollars per year, the baking sector, which includes manufacturers and distributors of biscuits, cakes, pastries and bread, is one of the major contributors to the employment sector. Besides the lucrative offers, studying Patisserie can bring the following benefits for you:

  • Baker on Every Street: Australians heavily indulge in baked items. You can easily find a place in restaurants, confectionery houses, hotels etc., with your skill.
  • Holistic Education Plan: The credit-based system of professional training allows you to discover your strengths and work on them.
  • Welcoming Neighbourhood: With low crime rates and high diversity quotient, Australia can be your ideal destination for residence.
  • Overstep Boundaries Easily: Pair your diploma/certificate course in Patisserie with a management degree, and you're all set to be a changemaker!

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SITHPAT007 assessment answers

What Are the Learning Outcomes of SITHPAT007?

Marzipan is one of the base ingredients used in the bakery to enrich and decorate an item. As expected, preparing marzipan can be one of the trickiest tasks for a chef. Hence, SITHPAT007 unit covers all the skills needed to mix, use and ice marzipan. Detailed takeaways of this unit are as follows:

  • Learn to evaluate the quality of ingredients and use them in precise measurements as per stipulated recipes.
  • Become acquainted with the equipment used to prepare marzipan and put them together as per best hygiene standards.
  • Grasp the technique of making a smooth dough as per the modelling requirements of marzipans.
  • Acquire the method of moulding marzipan by hand and stencils to make different shapes, figures and florets.
  • Develop the insight needed to decorate cakes, tortes and petit fours with modelled marzipan.

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SITHPAT007 assessment answers

Other Essential Units of Study Paired with SITHPAT007

Learning to prepare marzipan can refine your baking skills in more ways than one. It opens doors for innovation in the recipe and presentation of desserts. So, while SITHPAT007 may look like an isolated unit, it is rather a complementary area of study for both aspiring gourmet chefs and ceremonial food caterers.




Interact with Customers


Produce Chocolate Confectionery


Model Sugar-Based Decorations


Produce Cakes


Produce Pastries


Produce Gateaux, Torten, and Cakes


Produce Petit Fours


Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures

Refer to Sample Assignment's free SITHPAT007 assignment sample online to understand the possible points of interactions between this unit and others from your course. Any time you're in doubt, send a nudge to our academicians, and they'd be available to provide offline and online assignment help on any unit of your choice.

List of Qualifications that Include SITHPAT007 Unit

Call it the result of the dynamicity of marzipan or its essentiality to the commercial cookery business, SITHPAT007 has found its way into numerous hospitality courses offered in Australian universities. If you've decided to take up this unit for your studies, here are some courses you can try:




Diploma of Hospitality Management


Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery


Certificate IV in Patisserie


Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Marzipan is prepared as dough by mixing all the ingredients in given quantities. You can use your hand to set the marzipan.

Marzipan is a confection made largely of sugar, honey, and almond meal with almond oil or extracts added.

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