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This unit teaches the fundamentals of using personal computers to perform work-related tasks. It includes turning on the computer, setting up user settings, choosing basic apps, inputting and retrieving data, and printing documents. Sample Assignment is here to provide you with the best UEENEED101A assessment answers and teach you everything you need to know about UEENEED101A using computer applications relevant to workplace assignment help. This unit of competency is important in facilitating the development of entry-level employment-based programs, including authorized training contracts. It may be used to supplement previously learned skills. To practice the skills and information covered in this course in the workplace, you do not need a license. However, practice in this section is governed by legislation directly connected to occupational health and safety and, when relevant, apprenticeship contracts.

UEENEED101A Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the UEENEED101A Unit?

After learning outcomes have been assessed, students should be able to use computer applications relevant to a workplace, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will also develop communication skills through written documents, oral presentations, and group discussions. While students may already have experience using these programs, most likely, they are going to need training on how best to utilize them in an office environment:

  • OHS procedures for a certain work area are recognized, obtained, and understood through defined routines and processes.
  • Using computers and keyboards is governed by established OHS risk control techniques and procedures. The information needed to utilize the program is gathered from reliable sources.
  • The computer is turned on, and the desktop icons are moved to access the appropriate applications, folders, and files. Any abnormality, such as a virus warning, is handled according to on-screen instructions.
  • Any simple start-up or access difficulties or abnormalities are resolved using the help directory. The job is carried out following established OHS risk control techniques and procedures.
  • According to the application's user instructions, data is added, changed, or removed as needed. Regular checks are performed to verify that information is accurate and meets quality standards.
  • Completed files are properly stored in compliance with company policies. Printing files is done for a formal record and to send to others.
  • The files are supplied in a readable format through email. Files are identified, sorted, stored, and backed up according to enterprise needs.
  • The computer is turned off after following the shutdown processes.

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UEENEED101A assessment answers

List of Qualifications that include the Unit UEENEED101A:

To enable students to select courses they're interested in, we help them make course selections throughout their educational careers. Here are some of the following are the qualifications that include the unit UEENEED101A:

Unit Code

Unit Title


Certificate III in Electro technology Electrician


Certificate II in Computer Assembly and repair


Certificate III in Electronics Assembly


Certificate IV in Electrical- Instruments


Certificate II in sustainable energy


Certificate II in fire alarm servicing


Certificate II in gas industry cylinder operations


Advanced diploma in engineering technology.


Certificate IV in electrical fire protection control system.

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UEENEED101A Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

In an age of technology, the computer is one of the most important tools in the workplace. It allows you to store information on a hard drive and makes communications with other people much easier. Computers have also been proven to increase productivity in the workplace.

Computer applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software, are used to write papers, make presentations, and run business operations. A computer application is a program or set of programs that allow users to perform specific tasks on a computer system.

Application software improves the user experience by automating tasks that users would otherwise need to do manually. Application software has many benefits, but they all fall into two categories: increased productivity and efficiency.

Only a certain amount of wallet can be utilized based on the deadline and technicalities of the new task against which the amount from the SA wallet can be used.

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