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This unit assists in executing any power sector work profession's preliminary work. It entails operating in a safe manner and according to basic directions while under close oversight. It will cover energy industry service requests such as the safe use of basic hand equipment, platforms, and working at height. The fastening and mounting of gear under supervision using standard work procedures. This unit is designed to help students enhance their skills in admittance employment-based courses that are part of authorized training contracts.

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UEENEEE122A Assessment Answers

Why should students choose Australia for Short-term Courses?

Apart from being a great place for tourism, Australia is also an educational hub. The diploma or certificate courses provided by the universities in Australia have a lot of advantages, including being cost-friendly, short-term, and significant for employability.

  1. Cost-Friendly- These short-term courses are not just cost-friendly because of their duration. They are cheaper than other courses with the same duration, and students can reduce their costs further to decrease their expenses through scholarships.
  2. Short duration- These courses are short in duration. This means that students who don't have the money, time or other reasons to pursue a course of longer duration can sign up for these courses instead.
  3. Employability- Short-term courses that Australia provides, like diplomas or certificates, are vocationally oriented. This helps students receive specialization and get accredited as a professional.
  4. Validity of Degree- The degree students receive from the continent holds global recognition and acceptance.

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UEENEEE122A assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the UEENEEE122A unit?

There is a lot to learn from the unit. Some of the major learning outcomes are:

  1. Procedures are used to collect and comprehend OHS regulations for a specific work sector. During planning for the task, standard OHS safeguards are implemented.
  2. Unidentified possible risks are documented, and the task manager is asked for assistance on safeguards. Work instructions are acquired in their most basic form.
  3. To determine the scope of work to be done, the manager or another suitable individual is asked about the type and location of the task. The manager is asked for basic work directions.
  4. To ensure that the project is integrated properly with everyone else, guidance from the manager or another relevant person is requested.
  5. Reliance on standard manual and electrical equipment complies with OHS and safe operating procedures. Following monitoring, basic task directions are followed.
  6. Unusual incidents are sent to the immediate manager for instructions. Agreed delivery of appropriate risk rules and practices are implemented in accordance with OHS.

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List of Universities and Colleges that provide the Certificate II in Electrotechnology

Here are some of the universities in Australia that provide a degree in Certificate II in Electrotechnology

  1. TAFE
  2. Victoria University
  3. RMIT
  4. Swinburne University
  5. Federation University
  6. Charles Darwin University
  7. University of Southern Queensland
  8. University of Newcastle
  9. The University of Western Australia

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UEENEEE122A Assessment Answers

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