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These units cover all areas of emphasis, including industry, business management, human resources management, and workplace relations. This device is responsible for replacing slot/plug-linked components in computer equipment. Safe work practises, administrative documents and spoken instructions and procedures, basic testing techniques, dismantling and constructing equipment, and detaching and rejoining components are all covered. This unit is appropriate for people who want to work in electrotechnology and can be utilized in school-based vocational courses. Employability Skills are covered in this module. This unit of competency's necessary objectives includes relevant aspects of Employability Skills. The Career Development Synopsis of the certification where this unit of competence is packaged contains the criteria for Employability Skills. Students often seek help for drafting their UEENEEH101A assessment answers because they face issues while drafting them. You must know that you're not alone; if you seek assistance with your UEENEEH101A assignment help, you can eliminate all the problems.

UEENEEH101A Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the UEENEEH101A Unit?

Upon completing these modules, students will be able to repair basic computer equipment faults by replacing modules/sub-assemblies. Students will also learn about troubleshooting practices during fault-finding. The student is expected to understand how a computer works and what each component does. The student should understand basic networking concepts and know-how to connect different types of networks using various cables. We are available to provide Assignment Help Australia to help you accomplish NUHK's learning objectives. We are professionals in giving inexpensive Assignment Help Online Services without sacrificing quality.

  • OHS procedures for a certain work area are identified, accomplished, and understood through defined systems and procedures. Standardized OHS appropriate risk processes and techniques are performed to prepare for the work.
  • To determine the extent of work to be done, the nature of the repair is collected through paperwork or from the work supervisor. The work supervisor is consulted to guarantee that the job is coordinated well with others.
  • Materials sources which may be needed for the job are identified using predefined procedures and routines. The necessary tools, apparatus, and testing devices are procured and examined for proper functioning and safety.
  • The job is carried out under established OHS risk control techniques and processes. When it is necessary to test or measure live people, it is done strictly with OHS regulations and according to established safety protocols.
  • In strict line with OHS rules and procedures, circuits/apparatus are confirmed as being isolated when necessary. The apparatus is disassembled under the manufacturer's instructions and the supervisor's.
  • During disassembly, modules/sub-assemblies are labelled to guarantee proper and quick reassembly, and they are kept to prevent loss or damage. Maintenance is completed quickly and without causing harm to other elements, equipment, or circuits.
  • The apparatus is put together properly, with all modules/sub-assemblies and parts properly arranged, secured, and linked under the manufacturer's instructions or industry practice.

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UEENEEH101A assessment answers

List of Qualifications that offer the Unit UEENEEH101A:

Considering that we want students to be able to choose courses that interest them, we will provide them with the assistance to pursue their interests. Listed below are the qualifications that are included in the unit UEENEEH101A:




Certificate II in sustainable energy (Career Start)


Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Computer systems.


Certificate II in computer assembly and repair


Advanced diploma in computer system engineering


Certificate IV in a computer system


Certificate IV in video and audio system/


Certificate II in Electronics

UEENEEH101A Assessment Answers

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One of these would be in charge of assembling or repairing a computer. This person is a computer engineer. To assemble and repair computers, one must have extensive technical knowledge.

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Computer system maintenance and repair can entail everything from ensuring that software is functioning properly to tweaking components to improve performance. It requires a combination of technical skills and broad computer knowledge to succeed.

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