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Suppose you are facing any issue, then get the help by connecting with our experts in order to draft UEENEEH102A assessment answers. We have a wide range of resources to help you succeed. This unit is also responsible for replacing electronic components, cabling, and equipment subsystems. It covers everything from safe working practices to follow written and spoken instructions, basic tests and methods, disassembling and constructing equipment, and detaching and rejoining components. This unit is appropriate for people who want to work in electrotechnology and can be utilized in school-based vocational programmes. This module will focus on job skills. The required learning outcomes for this skill include key components of employment skills. Such certification's career development synopsis lists competencies that denote employability skills. If youre struggling with your assignment or assessment, use our UEENEEH102A assignment help as your guide!

UEENEEH102A Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying the UEENEEH102A unit?

To carry out repairs on these kinds of devices, you will need to be able to read circuit diagrams and identify common faults in components and wiring. It would be best if you also learned how to replace them and understand how they work through defined routines and processes. Recognized, developed, and understood OHS regulations for just a specific work environment. Recognized OHS risk control methods and techniques are used to prepare for the assignment. Learning outcomes for this unit are listed below:

  • Determine the extent of work being done and the nature of the repair collected through paperwork or the work supervisor.
  • Materials sources that may be required for the job are identified using established routines and procedures.
  • The job is carried out under established OHS risk control techniques and procedures.
  • Live person detection must be monitored by establishing and adhering to safe practices and precautions, depending on the situation.
  • When required by OHS rules and regulations, electrical circuits are confirmed as being isolated. The apparatus is disassembled by the manufacturers instructions and the supervisor's.
  • During deconstruction, component pieces are labelled to enable proper and quick reassembly and are kept to prevent loss or damage.
  • Corrections are completed quickly and without causing harm to other components, equipment, or circuits.
  • The apparatus is put together properly, with all parts inserted, secured, and linked according to the manufacturer's instructions or industry standards.
  • Non-routine incidents are reported to the immediate supervisor for further instructions.
  • Repairs are completed effectively without wasting resources or causing harm to the equipment, the environment, or operations, and with sustainable energy techniques. By following a few measures, your business is taking all the necessary steps to protect workers' lives.
  • Upon repair, the apparatus is set up for testing and is sent to the appropriate person(s). In line with established protocols, the workspace is cleaned and made safe. The work supervisor is notified when the repair work is completed under the set standards.

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UEENEEH102A assessment answers

List of qualifications that include this UEENEEH102A unit

When students choose the courses they're interested in, we'll ensure they can follow that interest throughout their academic careers. The following are the qualifications that include the unit UEENEEH102A:

Unit Code

Unit Title


Certificate III in Electrotechnology electrician.


Certificate IV in electrotechnology


Certificate II in electronic assembly


Certificate IV in electrical equipment and system


Certificate II in sustainable energy


Diploma in electrical system engineering


Certificate IV in electrical fire protection control system


Certificate II in computer assembly and repair


Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation

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UEENEEH102A Assessment Answers

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To maintain electricity-powered equipment, you must ensure it continues functioning as designed. This means regularly checking and maintaining all of its parts and ensuring that they are working properly.

You need to maintain your electrical tools and equipment. Electrical tools and equipment must be properly cared for, or they can become a major safety hazard.

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