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Dissertation Proofreading Servicesis a specialized skill that requires knowledge and experience in the thesis field or subject. For this reason, our proofreaders in Sample Assignment are high-level academics and professionals with expertise in relevant subjects, as well as high-quality proofreading and editing processes.

Dissertation Proofreading Services

We can help students who specialize in a wide variety of topics, from humanities to science, by matching their thesis with our most appropriate editors andDissertation experts. We have an in-house team ofdissertation writing and Editing experts, some will work remotely, though, all of our proofreaders are uncompromising appraised and meet our high measures of proofreading.

Dissertation writing and proofreading service at our place mean that self-sufficient writers can still receive the perk of a professional editor reviewing their work without having to pay the higher rate of editing. Our experts are trained to be methodical and through their experience, they can identify the common mistakes that are made in scholastic writing.

dissertation proofreading services

What Should Be Ideal Dissertation Length?

Our expert on dissertation proofreading explains that there are no rules about how long a dissertation should be. The length of the document depends on several factors, such as the area of concentration, the subject of the investigation, the number of tables, and the size of the figures. The length of the dissertation is not necessarily proportional to its quality or the importance of the contribution. All thesis content must have a defined function and contribute significantly to the value of the document.

The copyright law protects you against unauthorized use, duplication, and distribution of the thesis. It means that no one can reproduce substantial parts of the document without your permission. The same right you have over your work, other authors have over theirs. Although the principle of fair use or fair use allows you to reproduce without permission (although granting the corresponding credit) parts of other works for academic purposes, this principle has limits, and its legal scope is ambiguous. It is suggested to ask permission for the reproduction of poems, songs, questionnaires, interviews, letters, and substantial parts of other theses, books, and articles published in magazines.

Documents published on the Internet have the same legal protection as printed documents. Obtaining permissions can take a long time, and copyright owners are not required to respond or permit you. If they do not answer you or they deny you permission, you must remove the material from the thesis. If you change the material slightly to be able to use it without permission, you will commit plagiarism (presentation of other people's material as if it were your own).

Besides, Dissertation Editing Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring, we also help students to clear their doubts related to dissertation such as:

Differences Between Dissertation And Project Report

The dissertation documents an investigation carried out to explore a theoretical topic or whose practical applications do not constitute the main purpose of the work. The final product demonstrates originality, creativity, individuality, organization, and critical thinking skills. The project report demonstrates the same qualities but its goal is to solve a specific problem related to industry or commerce. This guide uses theses interchangeably for both contributions.

Document Delivery

You must deliver an unbound copy of the dissertation to the Graduate Studies Office 30 days before the defence exam date. This period is necessary to get a graduate studies representative who can attend the exam on the day and time agreed by the graduate committee, give the representative time to read the document carefully, find an appropriate place to take the exam, and prepare all the documents related to the oral exam.

After the defence exam and making all the necessary changes and adjustments to the document, you must deliver the final version of the thesis in PDF format to the Study Office, and a printed copy is no longer delivered. You can deliver the dissertation on a floppy disk, compact disk, or bring it on a flash (USB) drive. The digital version will be sent electronically to the RUM library and the company.

Presentation Of The Manuscript

Font style Use 11 or 12 point characters for the text, preferably Arial or Times New Roman styles. Titles and subtitles should be one or two points larger. Use italics for scientific names and quoted text from another language. Use bold for titles, subtitles, occasionally for emphasis and in the bibliography if required by the style adopted for the thesis.

You can use 8 or 9 size letters for footnotes, tables placed in the appendices, and text that is part of the figures. Do not use bold for small letters because it is difficult to read. Line spacing uses single spacing for bibliography, footnotes, long in-text citations, long table of contents headings, list of tables, list of figures, table headings, and legends of the figures and titles of the sections of the text.

Dissertation Proofreading Services Dissertation Proofreading Services

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