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E-Commerce Security Issue Assignment Help

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E-Commerce Security Issue assignment help

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e-commerce security issue

Most Common E-commerce Security Issues

E-commerce continues unstoppable in its ascent and, attracted by this new sector full of opportunities, thousands of people have launched themselves headfirst to create their online store. However, although alarms or safes are no longer necessary as in traditional stores, E-commerce security has become an indispensable discipline in the world of online commerce.

Pay attention! These are the four most common E-commerce Security Issue and the best ways to mitigate them:

1. Direct Fraud

It is probably the most common source of risk for e-commerce and, in many cases, the most difficult to control. The techniques and vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals are constantly changing, and keeping up to date to prevent this type of attack can be challenging.

Stolen Credit Cards - Any fairly popular online store will inevitably encounter this type of fraud. The goal is always the same: the scammer will try to gain access to the product before the merchant detects that the card is stolen. This type of fraud is especially dangerous in that e-commerce that deals with digital products and that must be delivered to the customer immediately.

E-Commerce Security Issue assignment help E-Commerce Security Issue assignment help

The easiest way to mitigate this problem, especially for small or medium-sized e-commerce, is to use the POS gateway offered by the bank. In this way, the bank itself assumes the responsibility and risk of validating the card.

2. Theft Of Information

This is possibly the most serious and worrisome type of attack that e-commerce can face. While fraud can have financial consequences, the theft of our clients' sensitive data can ruin our reputation and lead to serious legal consequences.

Credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information of our clients: these are the main data that an attacker will try to steal from us, possibly to later use them for theft, theft, or sale on the black market. Unfortunately, having e-commerce means being open to the whole world and we must have the possibility that, at some point, in some remote part of the planet, someone has us in their sights.

3. Phishing

Although this type of attack is not directed directly against our E-commerce, our reputation may be damaged. Specifically, Phishing occurs when a person with malicious purposes creates a web page that is practically identical to ours to collect data from our clients.

The better known our e-commerce is, the more likely they are to be victims of a phishing attack. Cybercriminals will often even pay for ads (for example on Google) to appear in search terms related to your industry or activity. This type of attack is especially frequent in e-commerce that offers financial services.

4. DDoS Attacks - Denial of Service

Finally, we come across the most common type of attack on the network: denial of service. This type of attack could jeopardize your online business for hours or even days if you don't have the necessary tools to combat it.

In this case, an attacker will use a botnet (a network of infected computers that are under their control) to launch thousands of connection requests per second to your e-commerce. The result? The server will not be able to handle all the requests and your business will be inaccessible for the entire duration of the attack.

E-commerce Security: An Important Topic

In the end, assignment on E-commerce Security makes understand that it is a matter of making a rigorous balance of the resources you have and deciding how much risk you are willing to take. For some people, their e-commerce is a minor project, and, for others, ensuring the continuity of their online business is a priority.

Be that as it may, we hope you found it informative. If you have any questions or simply want to let us know your opinion, do not hesitate to contact our E-Commerce Security Issue Assignment experts.

E-commerce Security Issue Online Sample Assignment

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e-commerce security issue assignment help

e-commerce security issue assignment

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