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8 Emerging Technologies That Can Change The World

Which of the present technologies will shape the world of tomorrow? Although the question may be simple, to answer it, it is necessary to analyze a lot of data to try to understand which technological innovations will have a radical impact on the world economy, the environment, or social order.

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According to our Emerging Technologies Assignment Experts, the World Economic Forum reveals some of the revolutionary emerging technologies that may positively disrupt the existing order, be attractive to investors and researchers, and make it possible to be scalable in the next five years while respecting sustainability.

1. Bio-Plastics To Improve The Circular Economy

Less than 15% of the plastic recycled across the world, with the rest cremated, deserted, or sent to landfills. Biodegradable plastic offered a solution, but it lacked the strength against conventional materials.

The idea of using cellulose or lignin from plant waste is revolutionizing biodegradable plastic by increasing the resistance of the material without using crops that are intended for human consumption.

The concept of circular economy and therefore the environment will be improved (Plastic packaging represents 17% of waste in Spain). It is also interesting to see a stronger and more ecological concrete thanks to the carrots.

2. DNA-Based Data Storage

Our data storage systems use a lot of energy and cannot keep up with the huge amounts of data that we produce. In less than a century they are expected to reach capacity.

But pioneering research is using DNA-based data storage as an energy-efficient alternative to computer hard drives, with enormous capacity: One estimate suggests that all of the world's data for a year could be stored in a DNA cube of just one square meter.

3. The Meta-Lens

The manufacture of lenses for mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices has exceeded the capabilities of traditional glass cutting and bending techniques.

Advances in physics have brought miniaturized and lighter alternatives to current lenses, called Meta-Lens or flat lenses). They are tiny, thin, and flat, which could replace the bulky glass lenses in any microscope, cameras, screens, phones, etc.

4. Smarter And More Sustainable Fertilizers

New developments in fertilizers have focused on their ability to slowly release nutrients when needed. However, they still contain urea, ammonia, and potash that are destructive to the environment. The new fertilizers use more environmentally friendly nitrogen sources and microorganisms that improve uptake by plants.

5. Tracking Technology For Food

Around 600 million people consume contaminated food each year, and it is essential to locate the source of the outbreak immediately.

What used to take days or even weeks to track can now be tracked in minutes, using blockchain technology to monitor every step of a food product's progress through the supply chain.

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They are multiple possibilities. For example, the OpenSC Project (the new company developed by WWF and BCG Digital) wants you to know not only what you eat but also how it got to your plate to guarantee sustainable and legal food.

In the meantime, sensors on packages can indicate when foods are about to expire, reducing the need to waste entire batches once the expiration date is reached.

6. Safer Nuclear Reactors

Although nuclear power does not emit carbon dioxide, reactors have the risk of fuel rods overheating and, when mixed with water, produce hydrogen, which can explode. (The best known nuclear fuel is uranium because it is the most widely used in nuclear fission reactors)

New fuels are developing that are much less likely to blister, and if they do, they will produce little or zero hydrogens. These new configurations can supplant existing fuel rods with few changes.

7. Collaborative Tele-Presence

Imagine a video conference where you not only feel like you are in the same room as the other attendees, but you can also feel the contact. A blend of Augmented and Virtual Reality, 5G networks, AI, and advanced sensors will contribute to entrepreneurs from several places that can physically exchange handshakes, or doctors can work remotely with inmates as if they were in the same room.

Crazy as it may sound, according to the report ... "collaborative Tele-presence is still emerging, but all the pieces are in place to make it a reality in the short term, three to five years."

8. Large-Scale Storage Of Renewable Energy

The storage of electricity generated by renewable energies when there is no sun or wind has been a barrier that has made its acceptance difficult.

Lithium-ion batteries will dominate storage technology in the next decade, and continued advancements should result in batteries that can store up to eight hours of energy - long enough for the power generated by the sun to meet the peak demand of the night.

The list is never-ending and so that the assignments questions of emerging technology. As a foremost Emerging Technologies Assignment help in Australia, we have helped thousands of students with our instant assignment help.

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