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Rapid evolution in science and technology results in outpacing the law sometimes. Students can pursue a broad range of interests along with a powerful combination of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and legal skills with a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/ Bachelor of Science degree as a combination. Engineering law deals with the study of ethics and legal frameworks which are adopted to ensure public safety. Hence this double degree ensures to prepare students to address modern challenges in the legal, scientific, and ethical perspective.
Pursuing a course in Engineering Law will involve quite a lot of writing. The most important skill required in law writing is to cram a lot of information into a few discrete statements. Most of the assignments in engineering law are based on reading cases. Cases are a judgment written by judges that explains why the court’s adjudication turns out that way or another.

Engineering Law Assignment Help

The law course demands a lot of reading, and there are various sections involved in the law that require special attention while working on the assignment. Don’t worry. We at Sample Assignment will provide you with the best Engineering Law assignment help so that you can easily focus on lectures and seminars. Our team consists of professional academic writers holding their PhD degrees in law, engineering, science, social sciences, etc. Connect with us to know more about our special services, discounts, and other attractive offers.

engineering law assignment help

What you will Learn in Engineering Law- A Course Overview

Students can select the specialization of engineering subjects from the following with Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

  1. Aerospace engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Electrical and computer systems engineering
  5. Materials engineering
  6. Mechanical and automotive engineering
  7. Telecommunication engineering
  8. Biomedical engineering

The dual degree in law and engineering enables you with an accredited qualification in law and at the same time enabling you to learn the contextualised form of engineering discipline. Hence, along with enhancing your skills, it will also broaden your knowledge by providing you with more career options.

Course Outcome of Engineering Law

  • Ability to utilize theoretical knowledge in practical implications.
  • Demonstrate and explain the application of professional and ethical duty in practicing the law and justice.
  • Critical evaluation and identification of factual situations or events, related to legal issues to which they give a creative and articulate response.
  • Manage and examine the research from varied sources to make judgments for solving complex problems related to legitimate issues.
  • Application of logical and modern understanding of the selected disciplines of engineering science in multidisciplinary contexts along with critical thinking and a judgemental approach.
  • Applying analytical, representational, and accountable approaches to identify and give creative answers to complex issues with cognitive independence.
  • Practising proficient communication on the professional front to a wide range of audiences, and leading the team with diverse members, with the use of basic instruments and implementation of project management in project work.

Skills Engineers Require for Law School

Here is the list of the prominent skills required by engineers for enrolling in law schools.

  • Oral communication
  • Logical thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems thinking
  • Task management
  • Critical reading and writing
  • Knowledge management
  • Research
  • Analytical reasoning

Career Opportunities and Professional Responsibilities

Students graduating from this course will have the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to function effectively in diversified settings using both engineering and law skills such as chambers of barristers and law firms, corporate organizations, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and government agencies.

Specializing in intellectual property law gives direction to graduates in the latest knowledge economy, providing them with new skills to work in media and entertainment, advertising, designing, branding, in firms and companies related to the internet giving information-dependent advice to industries.

Engineering Law Assignment Help

Universities in Australia Offering Courses in Engineering Law

Here is the list of top 15 universities in Australia offering a dual degree in law and engineering-

  • Monash University
  • Swinburne University
  • Edith Cowan College
  • Deakin University
  • Victoria University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Griffith University
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • Curtin University
  • University of Queensland
  • RMIT University
  • University of Sydney

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

It is always troublesome to discuss the law Education for Civil Engineers. In this paper, the authors discussed to what extent, the law topics are included in the higher studies of civil engineers.

Legal requirements on a construction project are in demand for civil engineers. Some people believe that the civil engineering field does not require law. But the reverse is true for this fact. It is observed that construction at a site covers many legal aspects including- like civil and public construction law, environmental law, neighbour law, and sometimes criminal law too. As per the author, the civil engineer needs minimal knowledge of law related to their field to do maximum productive work.

To avoid any legal issues from erupting at construction sites, a civil engineer needs to know the basics of the law. To ensure high-quality work in construction processes it is important to be updated with rules and regulations related to legal processes as well as the recent technical developments.

To conclude this we can say that legal education is necessary up to a specific level to ensure good quality work in construction and design. This will not only help engineers to avoid any legal issues, penalties or lawsuits but also it will save their time and money that otherwise might have been spent to consult a legal professional. Thus the author concludes the paper by recommending the inclusion of mandatory law modules with basic contents related to the l public and private construction law in the civil engineering program.

Reference: Holschemacher, K. & Quapp, U. (2019). Law Education for Civil engineers. Civil Engineering Research Journal. 10.19080/CERJ.2019.07.555722

Check out our Engineering Law Assignment Sample Online

Here we are attaching one question file screenshot along with its assignment solution on Engineering Law to give you an idea about how our writers solve the engineering law assignment questions.

engineering law assignment help sample engineering law assignment help sample online

Check the Engineering Law assessment answer-

engineering law assignment help answer engineering law assignment help answer online

The Approach Followed by our Academic expert to write the Solution

The question asked here is based on a case study.

In this, our academic expert first researched some common law principles and checked whether there was a valid contract or whether any party was negligent under tort. After checking the common issues related to this question they start working on the answer.

When it comes to a case study there is a specific format that is followed widely. It is called the IRAC format (Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion). In this format, they identify the legal issue that needs to be determined by the court of law.

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