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Find Out Everything About English Speaking Countries

According to our English Analysis Assignment Experts, the English language has approximately 400 million native speakers around the world. It is the third language with the largest number of native speakers, only surpassed by Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, but it is the second most popular language. Consequently, if we combine native and non-native speakers, it can be said that English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

English analysis assignment help

In actual fact, English is recognized as an official language in a total of 67 different countries, as well as 27 other non-sovereign states. Furthermore, it is the main language for business and is the official language of a large number of important international institutions, such as the United Nations, NATO, or the European Union.

Main countries where English is spoken?

Generally, the English language is primarily associated with the two largest English-speaking countries: the United States and the United Kingdom. The United States is estimated to have 230 million native speakers, the largest community that speaks English, while the United Kingdom has approximately 60 million native speakers.

Although there are two different official languages where English shares its status with French, Canada ranks third on the list of countries with the largest number of English speakers, with 20 million. Australia is fourth on the list with 17 million.

Other important countries around the world where English is the primary language are the Republic of Ireland, South Africa or New Zealand. Collectively, these three countries are home to around 13 million people, who speak English as their first language.

List of English-speaking countries

Below we provide a breakdown organized according to your geographic location, the countries where English is spoken the most are the countries where English is an official legal language or a de facto standard. The official language is defined as the language that a country's citizens can use to communicate with the authorities and the government. It is important to note that some of the countries we have listed have more than one official language, so English may not necessarily be the most common mother tongue among them.

How English has spread around the world?

The English language has its origins in Great Britain, and the continuing expansion of the British Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries helped spread modern English throughout the world. This is why many of the countries where English is an official language were formerly British colonies, including Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United States.

Colonialism helped introduce English to regions like India and parts of the African continent, where it is still widely spoken. Although Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India today, English continues to be an official language in the country and is frequently used in areas such as university education and politics. Officially, only 12 percent of Indians speak English, most of them as a second language. However, given the country's immense population, this 12 percent equates to more than 100 million people, making India one of the most English-speaking countries on the planet.

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During the 20th century, the United States emerged as a political superpower, especially in the years after World War II. Here immense international influence, combined with the movies from the Hollywood factory and the journalistic works of the British Broadcasting Corporation, has contributed to the continued expansion of the English language throughout the past century.

English continues to be the official language of the Commonwealth nations and is also recognized as an official language in many non-sovereign states and territories, including Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands and Bermuda.

At the turn of the millennium, English was the most widely spoken and written language in history.

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