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Equity Shares Homework help

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What Are Equity Shares?

The shares are the equal parts in which the capital stock of a public limited company is divided. These parts are owned by a person, who is called a shareholder, and represent the ownership that the person has in the company, that is, the percentage of the company that belongs to the shareholder.

Owning shares in a company confers legitimacy on the shareholder to demand their rights and fulfil their obligations.

Among other rights we can mention: to vote in the Shareholders' Meeting, to demand information on the situation of the company or to sell the shares it owns.

Among other debts, the shareholder will also have to bear the losses, if during a phase the firm does not obtain good consequences.

equity shares homework help

Types Of Equity Shares

Our Equity Shares Assignment experts explain that among the different types of actions that exist, we are going to talk about the most common:

1 .Ordinary Share: These are normal shares.

2 .Preferred Shares: In this class, the shareholders have a superior right to collect the money derived from the acquisition of the same, even before making the distribution of dividends to the partners, if it had been so decided.

3 .Participation Actions: They give the shareholder economic rights (the collection of dividends) but not any other type of right, such as to vote in a Meeting.

What Are The Advantages Of Equity Shares?

- It is a source of financing that imposes a minimum of restrictions on the company. Since there are no dividends to be paid on the common stock and skipping the payment does not compromise the receipt of payments from other security holders, common stock financing is quite attractive.

- The fact that the common action does not expire, eliminates any future cancellation obligation, increases the convenience of financing the common action.

- Another advantage of common stock over other forms of long-term financing is its ability to increase the load capacity of the company. The more common stocks a company sells, the greater the equity base, and consequently long-term debt financing can be obtained more easily and at a lower cost.

- The dilution of the right to vote and profits.

- The high cost it has, this because the dividends are not tax-deductible and because the common stock has more risk than the debt or the preferred stock.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Equity Shares?

According to our Financial Services Assignment Help expert, an issue of common equity shares has several main characteristics:

1 Par value: The common stock can be sold with a value or without par value. Par value is a relatively worthless value that is arbitrarily given to the stock in the certificate of issue. It is generally quite low. This value can be advantageous in taxes that are based on the par value of the shares.

2 Right to vote: Generally, each share entitles the holder to one vote in the election of directors or other special elections. Non-voting common shares are occasionally issued when the current owners of the business want to raise capital from the sale of common shares but do not want to give up any voting rights.

However, classes of common shares may also be issued based on different voting rights.

Equity Shares Homework help Equity Shares Homework help

3 Stock division: This is usually used to lower the market price of the company's shares. They are often done before a new issue to increase the marketability of the shares and to stimulate market activity.

4 Dividends: The payment of corporate dividends is at the discretion of the board of directors. Dividends can be paid in cash, shares, or kind. Common shareholders are not promised a dividend, but do expect certain payments based on the company's historical dividend pattern; and remembering that obligations to the government, creditors, and preferred shareholders must first be satisfied.

5 Reacquisition of shares: The shares that have been reacquired by the company are called treasury shares. This is done to change its capital structure or to increase the returns of the owners. The effect of common stock repurchases is similar to the payment of dividends to shareholders.

6 Subscription or preference rights: The issuance of common shares gives shareholders purchase rights that allow them to maintain their proportional ownership in the corporation when new issues are made. These rights allow shareholders to maintain their control of voting and prevent the dilution of their property and profits.

7 Property: common shares can be: private shares (owned by a single owner), capital belonging to few shareholders (small group, such as a family), and public participation shares (in possession of a large group of individual investors or unrelated institutional institutions

8 Issuance of international shares: some companies issue shares in foreign markets, which broadens the ownership base and helps a company to integrate into the local business scene, while also serving as corporate advertising.

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