General Queries

What Services Are Available On Your Website?

We provide academic assistance to the students across the Australian universities through personalised mentoring and academic assistance with their assignments.

What Is The Background Of Sample Assignment?

We have a strong online presence on the internet and are among the top academic service providers in the entire Australia. A record five-year 100% customer satisfaction rate has also made us an unbeatable competitor in today’s market. No matter which university you are studying in, we will help you out.

Are The Assignments That Your Experts Write Plagiarism-Free?

We always provide our clients with plagiarism-free with Affordable price. 

How And When Should I Contact You?

You can contact us any time. We work 24/7 and round the year.

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Payment Queries

What Options Do You Have For Payments?

We have two payment options: Debit/Credit cards and payment gateway.

Are There Any Discounts Given?

Yes, you can get Up to 50% off on the total bill of your assignment. Also, you can avail more offers

Why Should I Pay Transaction Fee?

A small charge of 5% is added to your bill if you choose payment gateway as the mode of online payment.

Is It Possible To Pay My Expert In Person Or Via A Bank Transfer?

I’m sorry, but our company does not accept cash and bank payments. You can pay via payment gateway or use your Credit/Debit cards and we will send you the invoice to your email.

Will I Be Able To Pay In Part-Payments?

We do offer partial payment facility in some cases to suit the needs of students; however, if you make a partial payment, you will miss out on any ongoing discounts and the provision to avail Live 1 on 1 communication with experts. You will be able to view your complete assignment solution or talk to the designated expert only after you have made the payment of your order in full. We recommend that you pay for your orders in full to enjoy the best scope of our academic services and discount offers.

Still doubtful? Click HERE to read student reviews from across the globe. Our scholar community is 1 lac+strong and we are one of the few FIVE STAR RATED Academic Help Services in Australia.

I Want To Know More About Your Refund Policy.

Our refund policy is straight-forward. We only refund a student if he fails in that assignment. While requesting for the refund, he or she must send us the score card as a proof of the same. However, the student’s refund lies with the management’s decision. Once they approve it, you will receive 50% of the total bill refund, and the rest 50% will be paid to your expert.

How Do The Experts Find Out An Assignment’s Price?

An assignment’s estimated price depends on the following factors:

  • Type of assignment
  • Word count
  • Subject or discipline
  • Complexity level
  • Deadline

Where Do You Need My Address?

We only require your address information at the time of payment gateway transactions.

Assignment Queries

Can You Still Do My Work If My Subject Is Not Included On Your Website?

Yes, Our assignment writing services cover all the subjects and courses. The list on our website is based on the most popular subjects taught in Australian educational institutions. Whereas, the experts cover more than 200+ subjects, which includes yours as well.

I Need A Dissertation; Can You Provide Me With It?

Of course we can! Not only that, our team of academic writers have been writing academic documents such as business reports, essays, article reviews critiques, annotated bibliography, dissertations, business plans, and more. With their in-depth knowledge and proficiency in writing skills, they can easily write them for you.

How Do I Receive My Work?

Once completed, we will email it to you.

Is It Important To Fill In The Order Form If Can Email You The Details?

Till the time we have attained all the details of your assignment, filling in the order form is not a necessity.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Work?

If the assignment is not written as per your needs and requirements, then our team will revise it multiple number of times. This whole process will be entirely free of cost. From the date of delivery of your work, you can file a revision request within the next 30 days.

How Can I Talk To My Expert?

As per the company’s policy, we do not allow for a direct conversation between our expert and his client. This is to maintain privacy in both the sides. In case you have queries and need them to be resolved, then you can request our customer care executive’s team to arrange for a conference call between you and the expert.

Will I Get My Assignment? What Is The Guarantee?

Yes, you will get your work on time. Our team knows how important it is for their client to submit the assignment on time. This is why we work round the clock to make sure that you receive it prior to its deadline.

Can You Tell Me The Exact Time Of Completion Of My Assignment?

Our experts can complete an assignment in 2-3 days on an average. But, it depends on the subject and its requirements. If you require your work to be completed on an urgent basis, then a premium shall be charged to your total bill, and your assignment will be delivered in a day’s time.

How Will You Deliver My Work?

We will deliver the work to your email once it is completed.

Any More Details That I Should Send Along With My Work?

Yes, Kindly attach the following details:

  • Subject
  • Deadline
  • Word count
  • Marking criteria
  • Referencing style
  • Number of references needed

Why choose us?

  • On-Time Delivery

  • 2000+ Phd Experts

  • Plagiarism Free

  • HD Quality

  • 24x7 Support

  • Best Price

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