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Need Help In FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assignment Answer? Connect With Our Experts!

The program of FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance evaluates the valuation of fixed income securities, and the risk associated with management and operations in the market. Moreover, the program comprises several topics such as calculating the interest rate risk, valuation of bonds, interest rate derivatives, and many more.

We noticed that students pursuing this course face an issue with the understanding of the concept of Interest rate derivative (IRD). As per our experts, it is a derivative whose payments find out through calculation methodologies where the underlying benchmark product is an interest rate. Moreover, if you want a detailed description of the concept, then, our FIN4002 fixed income securities finance assignment answer helper can help you out.

FIN4002 fixed income securities finance assignment answer

We have a team of experts who are highly experienced in their field of expertise. Several students have approached us for fixed income securities assignment help, we make sure to provide them with an answer file with accuracy and credibility. So, what are you thinking? If you want to know more about us, then, take a look at the information provided in the article.

Have An Overview Of The Course With Our FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assignment Answer Providers

Fixed income comprises interest payments that an investor gets, based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and recent interest rates. Furthermore, fixed income includes bonds also referred to as coupons.

The borrower is ready to pay higher interest in return, to borrow money for a period. At the end of the security’s term, the borrower gives back the borrowed money, called “par value”.  However, if you want more information on the concept of fixed information, then, you can connect with our case study help online.

types of fixed income securities

Let's Take A Look At The Examples Of Fixed Income Securities

To provide more information concerning the subject, our experts at FIN4002 assessment answer help provide several examples:

  • Bonds: The topics under bond cover a broad area of finance. It can be referred to as loans made by investors to an issuer, with the assurance of repayment of the amount at the maturity date, including the regular coupon payments.
  • Money Market Instruments: It comprises securities such as bankers’ acceptances, repurchase agreements, and many more. For more information, connect with our essay writing help.
  • Treasury Bills: They are issued by the US federal government. Including the maturities, ranging from 1 to 12 months. Those securities most often involve 91, 182-day maturities.
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS): They are fixed income securities supported by financial assets that have been “securitized”, such as auto loans. Also, it reflects an amalgamation of such assets that have been bundled up together in the pattern of a single fixed-income security. In the case of investors, asset-backed securities are looked upon as a substitute to invest in corporate debt.

What Are The Major Topics Covered In Our FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities?

Here are the topics covered by our FIN4002 fixed income securities finance case study experts:

  • Markets for fixed income securities
  • Interest rate risk and investment horizon
  • The bootstrapping method
  • Swap rate curves
  • Liability funding
  • Duration and convexity
  • Pricing bonds with spot rates
  • Classical immunization

Moreover, there are other topics such as Spot rates vs. forward rates, Exponential curve fitting, and many more in our list.

FIN4002 fixed income securities finance assignment answer

What Are You Expected To Learn In This Course?

After completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • In-depth understanding of the institutional environment of the fixed income markets and instruments
  • Upgrading skills to apply term structure approaches to define real-world economic events and business cycles such as upward-sloping yield curves.
  • Conduct term structure estimations
  • Apply duration measures for bond portfolio immunization applications
  • Examine and understand mortgage-backed securities
  • Understand the application of binomial interest rate trees and market models to examine interest rate contingent claims

What Are The Career Opportunities Involved In FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities?

Here are job profiles jotted down by our experts:

  • Fixed Income Analyst
  • Fixed Income Strategist
  • Fixed Income Trader

A Sample question Solved By Our Experts

Below is the FIN4002 fixed income securities finance assignment sample online provided to our experts by one of our students. After comprehensive research, our experts collected credible sources from the authentic sites and prepared the solution file.

Solution file

a sample question solved by our experts FIN4002 fixed income securities finance assignment sample solution

Conceptual Model For Fixed Income Securities Analysis for Several Financial Organisations

The practical execution and application of a mediator for fixed income securities analysis reflect the ability for spreading the application of conceptual modelling from the system design stage to assist with query access to both computational and information resources. “The mediator product was designed as a general interpretive engine specialized and controlled by the declarative knowledge from the conceptual model. The fixed income conceptual model included securities ranging in complexity from Treasury bills to collateralized mortgage obligations, as well as standard and proprietary analytic methodologies and calculations” (Moulton, Bressan, Madnick & Siegel, 1998).

All the data, whether recovered from databases, was provided to customers in the form of aspects of conceptual entities. Customer preference entities and aspects were used to control selection among conceptually interchangeable source information and procedural elements. “Experience from this implementation provides insight into the requirements for successful application of a conceptual model in mediating among heterogeneous, autonomous users and information resources” (Moulton, Bressan, Madnick & Siegel, 1998).

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Moulton, A., Bressan, S., Madnick, S., & Siegel, M. (1998). An Active Conceptual Model for Fixed Income Securities Analysis for Multiple Financial Institutions. Conceptual Modeling – ER ’98, 407-420. doi: 10.1007/978-3-540-49524-6_32

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