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Students pursuing graduation in management are often taught about financial management. Financial management has emerged as an important subject in the curriculum of academics. Students have started to even apply for post-graduation in financial management.

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financial management academic assistance through online tutoring

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Understanding Financial Management with Financial Management Assignment Experts

  • Financial management is the subfield of management that studies the managing of finances in an organization or for an individual.
  • It is concerned with profitability, expenses, cash, and credit so that the organization can function smoothly.
  • Financial managers aim to maximize the profits for the firm.
  • Overall financial management works for the success of the organization as well as the shareholders. It manages finances to maintain profits and also maximizes shareholders profit.
  • The company should define the objectives and identify available resources and examine their potential before making financial management strategies.
  • Financial management aims to create profit and make sure there is a return on investment.
  • There are financial plans, financial controls, and financial decisions making that are necessary for financial management.
  • Financial management can be of two types. These are strategic financial management and tactical financial management. Strategic management is concerned with long term goals whereas tactical financial management is concerned with short term positioning of the organization.

The Elements Of Financial Management

  • Planning- The objectives should be defined precisely. The potential resources should be identified and quantified. The specific business plan for financial management should be written down.
  • Budgeting- Budgeting helps in the effective functioning of the business and waste reduction. Budgeting takes care that the budget costs are not exceeded in any business operations.
  • Managing and assessing risk- The investment decisions should be identified, and analyzed to reduce the risks.
  • Establishing ongoing procedures- The data is collected and analyzed. With this data, the problems should be identified and appropriate measures should be taken.
financial management academic assistance through online tutoring

Various Methods For Analyzing The Financial Position Of The Organization

  • Cash flow statement analysis- The statement that records transitions of the outflowing and inflowing cash from the organization is known as cash flow statement. A cash flow statement is divided into three parts based on activities. These divisions are operating activity, investing activity, and financial activity.
  • Balance sheet analysis- The balance sheet shows the financial position of the organization through balancing the assets and liabilities. A balance sheet is a summary of the financial position of the organization.
  • Recording of transactions- Recording of transactions is similar to bookkeeping. It includes sales, purchases, payments, and receipts.
  • Financial risks- To analyze the financial position of the organization and manage the finances, it is necessary to acknowledge the financial risks of the organizations. The managers should be aware of the financial risks that the organization may suffer. Various financial risks are credit risk, asset risk, liquidity risks, etc.
  • Analyzing financial reports- It is important to review the status of the company. Analyzing financial reports is one of the methods that help in financial management. Analyzing financial reports helps in knowing the company's status as well as helps in taking effective decisions.

The Role Of Financial Management

The role of financial management is to maintain and study the current assets and current liabilities. This is dependent on short term working capital. It also manages the fluctuations in foreign currency. Financial management ensures the day to day management of funds in effective and efficient manners.

The specific role of financial management are:

  1. Maintain cash flow
  2. Maximize profit
  3. Minimum capital cost
  4. Budgeting and analyzing the requirement of funds.
  5. Regulating the capital structure.
financial management academic assistance through online tutoring financial management academic assistance through online tutoring

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