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fire protection system assignment

Fire protection system holds a great significance for buildings, hotels, residential, and office structures. In case of a fire calamity, they help reduce the damage to the building, expensive equipment, documents, inventory, and people. If you are pursuing this subject, you must get many assignments to complete on the topic within the deadline. In case you are seeking help with fire protection system assignment to finish and submit on time, get it from our fire protection system assignment experts.

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What Are The Different Fire Protection Systems? Explained By Fire Protection System Assignment Experts

The fire protection system is divided into six categories and our fire protection system assignment explains all these types. Our fire protection system assignment experts are highly perceptive of these types, their functioning, implementation, or usage, etc. Let's look at them:

fire protection system assignment help

Wet Fire Sprinkler System

In this system, the pipelines remain connected to the water supply tank and the sprinklers automatically start working as soon as they detect fire.

Dry Pipe System

In a dry pipe system, the pipelines remain filled with air or nitrogen under pressure. After detecting the fire, the pipes pick up water for sprinkling. It is used where the water is subject to freeze under the pipelines.

Special Hazard Fire Protection System

This system detects and extinguishes the fire soon, as early as it is detectable to eyes. It is used where the standard fire protection system cannot be used.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

This system uses dry chemicals in combination with the fire detecting system. It works efficiently and extinguishes the fire immediately after detection.

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

This system uses Carbon Dioxide as a fire extinguisher as it is a clean gas and doesn't catch fire. Also, it extinguishes fire, leaving no residue.

Foam Fire Suppression System

It is used to control fire in highly flammable liquids, as it is highly effective in controlling fire.

Being an important component of the fire protection system, often assignments talk about the fire protection system. But, there is no need for you to get tensed because of the knowledge possessed by our fire protection system assignment experts. They know how the system works and can also explain these in the assignment.

fire protection system

How Does Fire Protection System Works? Explained By The Experts of Fire Protection System Assignment Services.

  • A fire protection system works intelligently to minimise the damage from fire, water, or smoke.
  • It sprinkles water as soon as it detects a high temperature around 75-80 degree Celsius. Only one or two water sprinklers are enough to extinguish the fire in a room.
  • They sprinkle water at high pressure so that a minimum amount can cover maximum area.
  • Smoke cannot trigger sprinklers and they are heat activated.
  • A sprinkle's head remains covered with a liquid-filled glass from a glycerine like material and breaks down on detecting a high temperature.
  • As the glass breaks, it releases water at high pressure in all the directions to repress fire.
  • The time to extinguish fire depends on the system being used.

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fire protection system assignment help fire protection system assignment help

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