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The information and abilities needed to compile and handle standard financial documents; create journal entries, post those entries to ledgers; create banking receipts; reconcile financial receipts; and extract trial balance, and interim reports are covered in this unit.It pertains to those who carefully verify and handle intricate financial information using specialized expertise and predetermined procedures to ensure standards are upheld.Regulatory restrictions apply to work tasks in the occupational fields where this unit may be employed. For more detailed information on regulatory requirements, see the appropriate regulator or the FNS Financial Services National Qualifications Companions Volume Operational Guide.

It pertains to those who carefully verify and handle intricate financial information using specialised expertise and predetermined procedures to make sure standards are upheld.

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FNSACC311 assessment answers

Topic covered in FNSACC311 Course:

The following knowledge must be demonstrated by the student in order to write FNSACC311 assessment answers and reasonably foreseeable eventualities within the framework of the work position and to successfully accomplish the duties indicated in the unit's elements and performance requirements.

  • Standard banking practices and regulations, such as a "proof of lodgment" form for various deposit types,
  • Industry-accepted security measures that are suitable for banking methods.
  • Defining characteristics of statutory and regulatory criteria for processing financial transactions.
  • The following are important aspects of organizational policies and processes related to processing financial transactions:
  • Policies and practices used by the organisation for creating and processing invoices.
  • Organisational input and steps for journal authoring.
  • Specialised banking techniques and security measures for managing cash, checks, and electronic payments.
  • Trial balances, bank account reconciliation reports, and interim reports are only a few of the essential components of routine financial reports.
FNSACC311 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the FNSACC311 Course:

  1. Examine and confirm the supporting documents:
    • Determine, verify, and note data from financial papers.
    • Examine any supporting documents to ensure their correctness and completeness and to verify that the necessary people have authorised
  2. Compile and handle petty cash and banking papers.
    • Enter and balance withdrawals and deposits by organizational policies.
    • Check the legitimacy of checks and electronic payments prior to processing.
    • Compare bank records to the organization's financial records
    • In accordance with organizational processes, review, process, and record petty cash claims and vouchers, and balance the petty cash book.
  3. Create and manage invoices for payment and receipt.
    • Create invoices in accordance with the norms and procedures of your organization.
    • Check invoice accuracy against source documents and correct any errors discovered.
    • Store invoices and associated paperwork in a file for auditing purposes.
  4. Prepare journals:
    • Create necessary journal entries in accordance with organizational deadlines.
    • Verify that journals have been authorized by the necessary people and process them in accordance with organizational rules and procedures.
  5. Updating financial systems and data:
    • As per organizational input requirements, post journals to the ledger.
    • Enter data into the system in accordance with organizational input guidelines and assign transactions to the system and accounts.
    • Maintain the integrity of financial system connections by updating relevant systems.
  6. Prepare lodge and deposit facility flows as follows:
    • Choose a deposit option that matches the banking method you want to use.
    • Implement the security and safety precautions necessary for using a banking method in accordance with organizational policies and regulatory and industry requirements.
    • Compile and submit documentation of lodgment in accordance with organizational guidelines.
  7. Finalize intermediate and trial balance reports:
    • Decide the extent of any unique transactions that need to be completed, then complete the transactions.
    • Finish the credit and cash journals, then publish them to the general ledger.
    • Extract the trial balance, examine it, and create any additional necessary interim reports.
    • Check the trial balance and intermediate reports to make sure they are accurate and comprehensive.
    • Complete and submit intermediate and trial balance reports in accordance with organizational and legal standards.
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FNSACC311 assessment answers

Universities offers the FNSACC311 Course:

Learn more about the strengths and specialties of each of these world-class accounting and finance universities:

  • Victoria University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • Griffith University
  • Federation University
  • Deakin University
  • University of New Castle
  • Australian Catholic University

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